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Help need a Permanent childcare solution when working unconventional hours

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katoula Sat 15-Aug-15 20:39:28

When my maternity finishes in Jan I'd like to go back to work as a dresser in the theatres doing 8 shows a week working 6-10:30pm 4 days a week and 12-10:30pm 2 days a week. I have DD who will then be 7 months. I usually bring home (after tax) £320 + tips (if I dress someone nice). My DH works same hours. We are in zone 2/3 London. What childcare option are available and at what cost ? Is it even worth going back to work? Sadly have no family nearby to help... Anyone else in a similAr situation? All thoughts and advice appreciated. Thanks.

softhedgehog Sat 15-Aug-15 21:05:48

It'll have to be a nanny and it's a full time job as nearly 40 hours per week - likely to cost far more than you earn I'm afraid as you'd have to pay over the odds for the antisocial hours. So you'd be looking to pay at least £12 per hour gross I'd think, which for 40 hours per week is £480, not counting NI and other expensed. Maybe a bit less if you have room for someone to live in.

CharlesRyder Sat 15-Aug-15 21:13:33

Do your DH and you do the same job? If so could you job share as the loss of one salary would be less than the cost of childcare?

If not, could you work it that you work opposite hours and cover most of your childcare yourselves?

katoula Sat 15-Aug-15 21:23:03

We both do different jobs within the theatre... I think it's looking like I might have to look for a different job / find a new career part time and share childcare like you suggest CharlesRyder. Shame, I loved my job!

softhedgehog Sat 15-Aug-15 21:35:02

It doesn't sound like a job that pays enough, given the hours, for it to work. Random suggestion but could you find a friend/colleague who works odd hours but different ones to you, and do each other's childcare? Not sure when you would sleep though.....

katoula Sat 15-Aug-15 21:51:58

Thanks softhedgehog. A friend and I hope to do this at the opera as our babies are same age and if we're on different shows we can alternate childcare as its only part time there. Just thinking about other options as I'm worried she'll change her mind... Or that there won't be space for both of us at opera. It's all a lit up in the air at the moment. Am trying to enjoy being on maternity allowance, but work uncertainty is always at the back of my mind.

OutragedFromLeeds Sun 16-Aug-15 01:13:12

If you have room for someone to live-in your best bet would be an au pair+ or a junior nanny. If your DD is in a good sleep routine (in bed at 7pm maybe?) then she should be asleep for the majority of the time that you're at work. If it were 40 waking hours I think you'd need a more experienced nanny for a 7 month old, but given that she could be asleep for half the time I think an experienced au pair or an inexperienced nanny would be fine.

Karoleann Sun 16-Aug-15 08:12:49

So you are paid £8.20/hr basic (less tips). Its very likely that your salary would easily get eaten up by childcare especially if you had a nanny. Even childminders in central london can be £10/hr.

Could you offer to be available for covering the odd shift if for example someone rings in sick? are very good for evening childcare and they will send you someone who has baby experience. At least then you can keep your hand in.

UniS Sun 16-Aug-15 08:28:57

It'll be flukey to find regular childcare for show hours that you can afford on show money. Its why so many parents quit theatre work for a number of years while they have small people to look after.
Even without your partner working the same hours its tough, as most day care finishes around 6pm, and with commuter time that gets difficult if you have to leave for work at 5 and your partner doesn't get home till 6 ( assuming traffic OK).
I haven't worked on a regular show since DS was born ( lx op) I've drifted sideways and now work for a hire company in the warehouse and on site for outdoor events or the odd one off show. With a lot of checking diary's and helpful friends before/ after school. DH is taking leave this month so I can do a couple of festivals.

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