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Romanian au pair - anything I should know? Legals, healthcare, etc

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rak5a Wed 12-Aug-15 21:46:34

I am in the process of hiring an au pair from Romania and am having a last minute panic about details. This is our first au pair so it's all new. I understood that as Romania is in the EU, there should be no issues but I keep stumbling across old threads that say that I need extra paperwork for a Romanian au pair. I am hoping it's all old stuff!
Also, I read that she should be able to get an EHIC card to bring with her to access the NHS but she cannot seem to get this. Her English is perfect and I don't doubt that she has tried all avenues. I looked on the EU govt website for the EHIC cards and the link to the Romania country page was pretty dodgy so I don't think it's as straightforward to get one there as it is here.
Anyway, has anyone had a Romanian au pair and can you reassure me?? And do we really need that card for the NHS? She is getting travel insurance in any case.

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