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Mother's help - any recommendations or insights for single mum

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nikkig99 Thu 06-Aug-15 13:05:44

Hi, I am going to be a first time mother this October and I need to find someone to help me because I am single mother living in London without any grandparents nearby.
can you recommend any good agencies or independent referrals? I am still considering what i need but i'd say , they will be part-time (AM only), week days only, roughly 3-4 hours per day and they will help around the house mainly (cleaning, cooking, laundry) and a little childcare so I can get some sleep!
Also please share any suggestions/insights on what worked for you, especially no. of hours and days. I am guessing this is what I need.
Much appreciated

MilkChocolateButtons Thu 06-Aug-15 18:23:18

A mothers help is a junior nanny so they would only be doing childcare and nursery duties.

You possibly would be better with a nanny housekeeper, as most nannies/mothers help will want to focus on the childcare aspect. And it seems you only want the odd bit of childcare.

Karoleann Thu 06-Aug-15 21:42:03

Congratulations - you don't need to use an agency, your job will fit nicely with someone who is an after school nanny.

I'd advertise in gumtree for a mothers help or nanny/housekeeper. Explain what the job entails and if you think you'll be sleeping when she's looking after the baby you can get someone who you can train up.
You need to ensure she has a DBS check.

Newborns can be really different. Ds1 was a complete nightmare and needed constant attention for the first year of his life, whereas dc2&3 were very undemanding, and both slept from 7-7 from 6 weeks. It's difficult to know exactly what you need until your baby is here.

nikkig99 Sat 08-Aug-15 16:34:19

Thanks so much for your advice. It's reassuring to hear from other mum's experiences. Ill post something on gumtree and try my luck .

BoffinMum Sat 08-Aug-15 16:41:12

I would try to get a P/T nanny housekeeper on Gumtree. I have had good success recently via this route, better than agencies. Specify EU national only, fluent written and spoken English only though, and that you will need two references, otherwise you will get time wasters.

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