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NANNY TAX payroll company

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DrMummy15 Fri 31-Jul-15 16:17:38

Hello! I have just joined Mumsnet and I thought that the best way to celebrate that would be to share some useful information in the hope that others could benefit from my experience as much as I have by reading Mumsnet posts in the past three years.

My main preoccupation as a mother in recent years has been to make sure I could hire a nanny to look after my kids for the first 15-18 months of their lives. As expensive as it is, I felt this was giving me the peace of mind I needed to return to work full time.

I found the right person via contacts, but I worked out all the rest by using a wonderfully helpful company called PAYE for Nannies. I really cannot recommend them enough (I do not get any discount for this!). They are extremely reliable, timely, honest, and reasonably priced. They are also very generous with their time when it comes to asking legal advice about your rights as an employer and the rights of your employee. Even if that's not part of their job description as they offer a more expensive service for drawing a contract and all that, they are actually really generous in providing sufficient advice for you to be fully informed. So if anybody out there is looking for this type of service, do look them up. I think their service is worth every penny I have paid in the past two years.

Namaste. DrM

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