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How much should we be paying for this part-time nanny arrangement?

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FrenchLimeBlossom Wed 22-Jul-15 21:37:20

Wondering if anyone has any advice on what we should be looking at paying for this nanny arrangement and what would be fair on terms?

Basically we are seeking someone to collect our child from infant school, walk him home a relatively short distance, no more than 10 minutes at his speed, spend the 2.5 hours with him doing homework, baking, crafts, drawing, playing, reading, or in the park near our house ( at their discretion!) and then leave when either of us get home around 6. They would be bringing their own young child to our house with them and working three or four days a week. Would it be fair to reduce the hourly rate somewhat to take account of the fact they are bringing their own child too?

By arrangement separately we might ask them to do full days 4 days a week in school holidays and would expect to pay at the correct increased rate for that.

We would be looking to agree that (paid) holidays be taken during the key holiday periods ie Christmas, Easter and summer as we would need the term time support. Do people think that would be fair or should we be agreeing some more flexibility?

We are in the north rather than in London if that has any bearing on rates etc. I guess we would have to pay statutory sick pay, any maternity pay etc although I guess that is unlikely. In terms of household stuff I don't think we would expect anything like that other than approximate tidy up if messy activities were going on, although could we ask her e.g to pop the oven on and stick fish fingers in for our children to have for supper to reduce the cooking time once we got in? Should we offer for her to feed her child here before she goes home or would that not be typical?

Never had a nanny before (obviously) so looking for a steer on what we should and should not raise/ask for and any suggestions on agreeing terms from either nannies or other parents. Am also doing the usual web research but mumsnet opinion usually seems better than random opinions.

Thanks in advance!

nannyuk Wed 22-Jul-15 22:23:49

£10-12 per hour tht seems like a reasonable amount (what i would do it for anyway

nannynick Thu 23-Jul-15 10:19:39

I am trying to come up with a formula for working this sort of thing out and it is tricky.
Based on my alpha formula, if they are unqualified and have no experience then £8.50 gross an hour.
If they are Level3 qualified and have 5+ years experience, then this would increase to £10.50 gross an hour.
This is based on it being part-time (a few hours, 3/4 days), outside of a major city, they are 25 years+ and they bring their own child/children.

There is no right or wrong amount though, as long as you pay at least National Minimum Wage, which varies according to age. National Living Wage may apply from April 2016.

Look at how much other jobs in your area pay - not just nanny jobs but all other jobs and also consider how much you can afford to pay to get the right person to do this job. The job will not appeal to that many people as it is only a few hours per day and you want the flexibility of them being able to do more hours certain weeks of the year.

School Holidays: I would pay the same rate, as they would still be bringing their own child with them. Under my alpha formula it could be 50p an hour less, as it is no longer part-day but it is only for a short period of time so I would not complicate things by changing the rate of pay.

Holidays will be complicated as you would need to calculate the total working hours per year to establish the minimum holiday entitlement. You can then offer more paid holiday than the minimum but not less.
Yes it is fine to say that all holiday must be during school holiday periods. It is vital to agree this at interview stage or before. This will not appeal to some nannies. Others will be fine with it. Try to keep in mind that the occasional day during term time may be needed, such as if a family member dies, or a their own child is ill (parental leave?).
Try to have a list of dates that you will be wanting them to take as holiday as far in advance as you can. For example you may already know the dates for Xmas period this year.

Food - I find children are hungry as soon as they come in from school. How about a snack then, which could be for all the children. Then you could do a meal for your child later.

Statutory payments such as SSP, SMP, Redundancy Pay would all apply. You can find further information about these on and payroll provider websites. NannyPaye Employer Factsheets is a handy list for employers of nannies. Payroll companies can also assist you with producing payslips, calculating holiday pay and often offer a contract writing service.

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