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planning permission for childminding from your own home?

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lardylump Mon 20-Jul-15 16:58:05

I've been told that i require planning permission to work from my own home because I work more than full time and use more than 50% of my home (including the garden)

Terrified at the thought of going through the process and the thought that it could be refused and I could be out of a job.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom/pitfalls to watch out for/tips?

I have tried googling it but planning varies from place to place, so no luck there!

HSMMaCM Tue 21-Jul-15 03:20:02

Who told you you needed planning permission? I needed it because I worked with DH and our LA insisted on it for over 8 children. Now they don't! Is it your LA that advised it?

If you do need to get it, it's not too hard. A scale drawing of your house and whatever else they asked for. I did my own and it wasn't a beautiful architects drawing. I had a visit from a planning officer and I refused to paint parking spaces on my drive. It was fine.

motorwaymadness Tue 21-Jul-15 09:38:18

the LA have told me i need it. Can you tell me how expensive it was for you?

HSMMaCM Tue 21-Jul-15 13:04:24

I can't remember. It was 16 yrs ago. I didn't get professional drawings done or anything and the contact at the planning office was really helpful.

firecracker123 Tue 21-Jul-15 19:18:50

Speaking as a planner, they are likely to be interested in parking/highways issues. If they start raising issues I would get a good highways or planning consultant

HSMMaCM Tue 21-Jul-15 19:45:03

Yes firecracker. They talked about parking spaces on my drive and visibility splays for people pulling out. They also talked about environmental factors, such as levels of noise annoying the neighbours. One of my neighbours objected, but I still got permission.

I know cms working together in my area who only have on street parking and they've been fine.

lardylump Thu 23-Jul-15 07:53:08

I live in a cul de sac.

there are a few cars 3 from the first house(1 person), 3 from the second house(2 adults), 1 from us but we have the parents picking up and dropping off. then 2 cars and a caravan from the fourth house.

so there may be a parking issue, but it feels unfair when everyone else is using so much.

firecracker123 Thu 23-Jul-15 14:03:17

How they view traffic issues is likely to vary from one local authority to the other. Also depends what type of street you live on etc, number of children you mind.

motorwaymadness Thu 23-Jul-15 21:16:32

is it true that it depends on how many are on your books rather than how many attend at any one time?

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