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How much do you think this nanny role I'm doing now should be paid ?

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nanny2015 Sat 18-Jul-15 14:45:31

First of all, I'm not doing childcare work to earn lots of money, but because in the past it allowed me to travel, because in the present its possible to find part time work, because I have experience as AuPair for two years and have no higher education diploma. Now my age is in the upper limit of being considered AuPair and I was chosen because I'm more mature, I drive and possible many other reasons.

This time I was invited to Switzerland, to look after one baby and after another 'three years old baby', they both need nappy change, and to look after all their needs. Family also needs timing flexibility and availability at least 35 hours per week.

I made the compromise of giving out time, but the 'three years old baby' is described as making much crisis, so you can imagine how much the effect is amplified by the long time spent together. I get paid a little more than an AuPair, I try not to rely on the family to buy food for myself despite that food is about three times more expensive at supermarket than in UK, and I get a free room. I paid the flight and health insurance myself. I'm asking you, the judge, for an objective opinion about how much do you think this work should be paid with ?

(The question I should answer myself is if I should stay, because the salary is not my motivation, no matter how much parents pay. However I'd like to know your answers.)

grabaspoon Sat 18-Jul-15 14:54:57

As a nanny you could be looking at £280 a week based on 35 hours at £8 an hour - however as a live in this could be less than £227

jclm Tue 21-Jul-15 16:53:19

I'm not familiar with wages in Switzerland but in the uk a nanny would be earning £8 minimum an hour. 35 x 8 = £280 per week, minus about £70 for food and lodgings. If you're struggling financially, could you negotiate with them? Or advertise for babysitting jobs to do in addition to your family?

Karoleann Tue 21-Jul-15 17:53:23

Thing is you're not in the UK so how much you'd earn here is irrelevant. I doubt anyone here is au fait with Swiss nanny rates, but if you google then they're not difficult to find.

If they consider you an au pair and advertised for an au pair, then they would be expecting to pay au pair pocket money rather than a nanny salary. If you are being paid an au pair wag, then please don't buy your own food as it should be included.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 21-Jul-15 21:44:12

Are you doing this job as an au pair? If so then as below poster said its ilrelevent what a nanny would earn

Sounds like you are an au pair plus if looking after young ones and working 35+ hrs so if salary is anything like UK for ap then I guess you should be earning about £100/120

If you have no childcare quals and exp as an au pair only then I also think you will find it harder to get a job as a nanny when there are nannies who studied for 2yrs and have nannying experience

Not sure what you are really asking - excuse I work nights so Brain fuzzy

to stay in a badly paid job au pair abroad or come back to UK and try and earn more as a nanny??

Patapouf Wed 29-Jul-15 00:57:14

For 35 hours you should expect anything in the region of 600-800 CHF per month, when your employers applied for your L permit there would have been some paperwork with a breakdown of your salary in a document given to the commune.
Au pair salaries are calculated to include 1300-1500 for rent and board, so on paper your salary could be 1900 but you are actually paid 600CHF. Remember, your pay is not strictly a salary but pocket money. In Switzerland au pairing is as much a cultural exchange as it is childcare.
35 hours really is the norm, and there aren't restrictions on the number of hours you can work with younger children in Switzerland, just an overall limit of how many hours you should work.
You say you have experience of au pairing, so you should know it's normal to pay your own flight to join the family and health insurance? They usually would pay your return flight at the end of your contract but only if they were happy with you throughout your time together.
I don't want to be harsh (and I was an au pair for many years in switzerland so I do understand all too well!) but it sounds as if you are treating it more as a formal job/career which it isn't. You are supposed to learn new language skills with a host family in return for bed and board and they get affordable childcare in the form of a 'big sister' for their children.
Are you not eating with the family? Your food is part of the deal!

Patapouf Wed 29-Jul-15 00:58:58

So, to answer your question, you should expect anything between 6-800 CHF. Although the canton should have a minimum set in their au pair guidelines, you don't say where you are so I can help with that!

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