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Ofsted inspection - no children on roll

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blondegirl73 Mon 13-Jul-15 10:09:15

Hi all

I registered as a childminder a few years ago and for a while I was minding one little boy, for one day a week. He's the only mindee I've had. Ofsted knew I only had him and only for that one day, and said they'd put me down as no children on roll and that was that. I stopped minding him in December and now I don't childmind at all.

I recently renewed my registration (I have a feeling redundancies are in the offing at work so it's worth being registered, though if I do childmind again I'll only do school pick-ups) and Ofsted rang me last week and are coming on Thursday to see me.

So now I really do have no children on roll, which they know. She said it would take about an hour, and just be a quick chat.

Has anyone had an inspection without children?! What should I expect? What can I do to prepare?

HSMMaCM Mon 13-Jul-15 13:16:08

My DH had one years ago (so probably completely different now). They just talked him through polices, risk assessments, etc. if you go a certain amount of time (can't remember how long) with no children on roll, they will de register you and you have to start all the application process from scratch when you start up again.

Good luck though. I'm sure it'll be fine. Are you likely to start after school in September ?

nannynick Mon 13-Jul-15 18:00:24

Not a childminder so can not tell you what it is like, though have found something online which may be useful.

See page 25 onwards in the Early Years Inspection Handbook.

"For these inspections, the inspector must assess whether the provider is able to demonstrate sufficient understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and how they will meet the care, learning and development needs of each child they may care for. Providers must also confirm that they meet the requirements of the Childcare Register, if applicable."

So it not a Quality inspection but more about the paperwork, suitability and knowledge of how you would implement EYFS.
So go through your documents, revise your polices & procedures.

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