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Nannies: what makes you tick?

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Howmanybeansmake5 Mon 06-Jul-15 22:48:46

Calling all nannies! We have just employed a lovely new nanny, it's a full time job five days a week for a 2 and 4 yo so very demanding, therefore our nanny is going to need a lot of support from us, especially as this is her first nannying position.

So, tell me what the best and worst things are about your job! As a boss I want to be firm but fair so if I can just have a little insight into what nannies love and what makes you think ffs then it will really help me to be as good an employer as possible.

Thanks in advance x

kathryng90 Mon 06-Jul-15 23:35:51

You sound like lovely employers. As a cm I appreciate parents who
Pay on time
Aren't late very often and who keep me updated if they are late
Don't keep me hanging around at end of day. I fill in daily diaries every day so only need to give a quick run down of day/any problem
Say thank you. Only 1 of 5 parents thanks me every day. Yes I know I am paid but thanks go a long way
Understand I am human and sometimes have an off day, I am not Mary poppins every day

These are just little things to make her feel appreciated.

Good luck with your new nanny.

grabaspoon Tue 07-Jul-15 08:18:34

I am a nanny and love my current bosses

This is because : they say thank you, they ask about me (enough to be polite but not enough to be nosey) they tell me if I need to do something differently instead of moaning about it, they appreciate that I work long hours and that while it can be play dates and paddling pools it's also hard work!

What I need from my employer is respect (for me, about my job) back up from them in discipline cases, to tell me ASAP if they'll be late (if you leave the office at 5 then tell me at 5 that you're running late not 5.30 that you're leaving the office) understand that I love your kids but you are more important so don't feel jealous, but also while I love your kids this is my job (some days I am ready to walk out the door when you stroll in - because of plans or because of the kids!) Be thankful for going the extra mile (and I will)

So be kind, be interested, respect her and her job, understand some days are long and tough so try not to be late, and back her up.

Good luck

Callaird Tue 07-Jul-15 14:06:04

Letting me know as soon as they know they are going to be late home. Not texting at the time they are due home to say that they haven't left the office yet.

Not texting me at the time they are due home to say they stopped off at the pub because it's such a lovely evening!

Paying on time. Including any over time. Kitty too.

Not leaving washing up overnight for nanny to do. Making sure the house is left in the same state the nanny left it in. (A lot of employers used to say that the house should be left as I found it, I soon realised that I am tidier than most of them!)

I don't like to be micromanaged. I like to choose which classes we go to, what we do in the afternoon, what I cook for lunch/tea. Obviously all with bosses agreement at the beginning. If she didn't want us doing a class or she didn't want him to eat meat/seafood or wanted a completely organic/vegetarian diet then I would follow her choice.

But some nannies want/need more direction.

A please and thank you go a long way.

Communication is key. If you have a niggle, talk about it with her don't let it fester.

Ternet Tue 07-Jul-15 21:41:19

Being treated as an individual and not owned property. I studied hard to work in the jib I live, and it's demoralising to be treated as 'property' andbtaken for granted.

Nannylookingforafamily Tue 07-Jul-15 22:10:16

Never leave the house a mess in the morning.
If it was clean when you got in, keep it for the nanny the next morning

Always have kitty money in the house

Howmanybeansmake5 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:19:17

Great tips, thanks all! I like to think I do all these things anyway but it's always good to hear what nannies really think smile

Nannylookingforafamily Thu 09-Jul-15 07:28:15

Leave things in easy to find places, such as:

Swimming nappies
Swimming stuff


Drinking bottles etc

Don't leave buggy in car: Really annoying!

Thatoneoverthere Fri 10-Jul-15 12:51:36

I look after slightly older kids for the most part so my list would be:

-Don't always believe what they say and I will return the favour :P
-Get kids to ask me something not tell me. It's just good manners.
-Just ask if you want something done a certain way, its your house I don't care if you want the sheets or plates put away a certain way or to use place mats or to not have food in front of the TV, whatever! Every family has different rules, just say what they are.
-Let small things ride one time, we have bad days too, normally when you will have had one too.
-Things change so if what is in the diary or what I told you didn't happen it doesn't make me a liar it just means things got crazy, someone cancelled and all the other weird and amazing things that can happen when dealing with kids.
-Use a diary for anything and everything, numbers for everyone and everything.
-Get a bank account so you top up easily but can also track spending. Give expectations of spending from the start.
-This is my job and as much as I love your kids pay me properly for the hours I work.
-Something you think is really obvious and/or logical isn't necessarily. At all!

Also have a laugh with them. A glass of wine while laughing about something mental the kids have done, when you all get through a grotty sick patch and all the milestones and good reports. Celebrate the good stuff, its what you're all working for.

whiskeytangofoxtrot Sat 11-Jul-15 12:08:36


Victoria2002 Sun 12-Jul-15 19:39:28

Yes, try not to be late, do not over-manage your nanny, say thank you AND build time into the week or each day for nanny to be paid while you chat about stuff together. Nothing worse than bosses who arrive at the last min then launch into a lengthy discussion about after school clubs for next term or their holiday dates for the year ahead..

Ideal76 Fri 17-Jul-15 08:58:23

Being appreciated and treated as a professional . Thank you's mean so much . We work hard , long hours , sometimes without any down time .

sunshinenanny Sun 19-Jul-15 00:56:07

Being treated like a professional goes a long way.
Pay on time and keep the float topped up. (one of my employers expected me to take the children out but never had any money up front)
If there are any problems discuss it with the nanny.
As said by others please make sure all the practical things the children need are in an easy to find place.
If you wan't nanny to cook varied meals make sure there is food in the house to cook or money to go buy some.

moooolah Sun 19-Jul-15 08:54:48

Keep the house tidy (and clean) so I can keep on top of it during our day. I hate coming in to a messy house daily.

Pay me on time, and if I do extra. .please please don't make me ask you for it. Every time.

Respect me, and my time. I love my job but it's still a job and I'm not beneath you- please let me know if you're going to be late and apologise. Don't insult my intelligence by telling me you got stuck in traffic when you just didn't leave on time. . Leaving on time would allow for traffic delays.

I will grow to lovely our children and they will become very dear to me.. its nice to be treated like a friend and family as well as an employee. Nothing worse than being kept at arms length constantly when you are playing such a huge role in a child's life. I want to be able to approach you if there are any issues.

Oh and if there's no food in make sure there's money to buy... I can't magic a gormet meal from baby bells and half a cucumber.

But mostly just be nice and considerate as I will for you and your family. I love working for parents who want to work. Mums who don't love their job can become very resentful. Don't resent the cost of quality childcare. . I have to live too.

You sound lovely and thoughtful and I hope you and your new nanny get on fabulously x

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