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Help with unusual advert

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sootballs Fri 03-Jul-15 20:06:20

Hi - we have two children, one has a few additional needs and we've decided to use some of the DLA money we get for her to support us as a family with recruiting an extra pair of hands, we're also going to get a cleaner to help - but I'm not at all sure what I'm looking for and hence what to put on an advert or payment etc.

Basically daughter is mobile and verbal, she's epileptic so would never be left in sole change of anyone but although she goes to mainstream school she cannot play on her own. Has no curiosity and zero independent play - her 3 yo sibling is getting mighty fed up of never being able to play or have our attention. Hence getting someone who knows how to play to come and help.

Which just sounds so daft. Doesn't it?!

Frusso Fri 03-Jul-15 20:13:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hibbledibble Fri 03-Jul-15 20:44:44

I agree it is perfectly doable.

Are you clear on what you want the role to involve? You are likely to be better of finding a cleaner separately from the childcare, especially as you have specific needs and will want someone with a relevant skill set.

As long as you set out the role and your expectations clearly in the advert it should be fine.

wizzywig Sat 04-Jul-15 10:07:33

no perfectly ok. im in the same situation. i use a nanny as i have 3 kids with disabilities. i find it hard to balance the guilt at not being able to handle the kids with wanting to do the best for them

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 04-Jul-15 10:48:52

Do you want a nanny for your eldest or youngest? You say no sole charge care so assuming for your youngest to be able to play /go places

Agree a cleaner as well

sootballs Sat 04-Jul-15 19:44:32

The cleaner will definitely be a seperate arrangement as I intend for them to come during the week for 2-3 hours.

In terms of nanny for oldest or youngest - I'd hoped in a way for someone to help with either during the time they are here. I am torn between having someone come after school for a few hours a couple of times a week or on a Saturday morning (our nightmare time) for 3-4 hours to come to the park with me as another pair of hands, alternatively play jigsaws, play dough, read books, possibly during summer holidays come on outings with us if DH is working. Summer isn't so bad as we open the doors and they play outside but colder months it's hard work.

I'm not sure I've worked it out in my head enough to put together an advert.

Thanks for the advice. Also. For such a small amount of time would I have to pay NI etc?

summerainbow Sun 05-Jul-15 03:14:58

As job might well be a second job yes you will have to register to pay tax and NI.

summerainbow Sun 05-Jul-15 03:17:20

Have you though about asking your local college which does a child care course if they could use you as a placement

sootballs Sun 05-Jul-15 16:02:23

Sadly our local college no longer does placements in the community - tried that when I was heavily pg with #2

Have spoken with DH and he thinks we should get someone able to work 3-4 hours on a Saturday, and two half days during the week of summer holidays. She'll go to a holiday club too.

I've no idea about how to do the tax and NI thing though. Should I speak to my accountant?

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