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Help! Au pair starting in a week. What tips to help her settle in? How can I help her meet friends locally (london)?

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gingerparkin Fri 03-Jul-15 16:47:14

I have a (hopefully) lovely au pair starting in a week (we have met).
I feel pretty organised in terms of the practicalities of being organised and fairly ready for her but wondering if there is something I have forgotten/am not aware of? So what are your top tips for helping your au pair settle in?

Also, what are your suggestions for helping her meet people locally. I have tried my school's fb page (little success). She probably isn't going to study ESOL as her english is phenomenally good so she may start some more vocational type study instead in september. Also my children are 8 & 10 so she won't be taking them to activities where she might more easily meet other au pairs?

Any tips very welcome!

Melissande Fri 03-Jul-15 17:18:23

Local Aupair FB groups, fb groups i.e italians in kent etc there are loads. Ask around to see if anyone at school has an aupair, and would like to meet up. Local parents group are good too.

anotherbloodycyclist Fri 03-Jul-15 18:49:38

Had one au pair who didn't do language school, she had an English father and spoke perfect english. I arranged a meet up for her in the first couple of days with 2 local au pairs (worked for friends), she signed up for various courses at local FE college, and the agency I employed her through gave me a list of all the London based au pairs that they had placed that year with contact details.
I always took a couple of days off at the beginning so they could get used to the area, house, kids, routine etc alongside me before going solo.

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