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Questions to ask potential daytime babysitter/occasional nanny

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IsItMeOr Thu 02-Jul-15 17:19:15


We are newbies to using 1:1 home-based childcare, and would be grateful for some advice. Basically, we are looking to recruit a babysitter/nanny who can look after 6yo DS for 1 day per week during the summer holidays.

A local babysitting agency - run by an acquaintance - has helped to find somebody who sounds good. Years of childcare experience in schools, with a focus on autism (DS has ASD).

We are meeting them to check out whether we are a good match.

What questions should we be asking when we meet, to help us decide?

Although DS has ASD, I think our needs are probably fairly similar to any family - we want someone who we can trust to look after our DS in a way that keeps him safe and happy.


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