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nanny on medication

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wizzywig Thu 02-Jul-15 11:50:27

hi all. my nanny is on medication that she said makes her forgetful when she doesnt take it. she admits that she regularly doesnt take it. i have no idea what she is taking and assumed that as long aa whatever condition she has doesnt effect her ability to do the job then its none of my business.

But as she is admitting that she is not taking her medication as prescribed should/could i ask what the medicine is for? i do not want to stick my nose into stuff i dont need to

Karoleann Thu 02-Jul-15 13:34:05

I personally don't think its any of your business if its not affecting her work - although if she is getting forgetful (and that's affecting her work), you could ask her to remember to take it.

Things like an underactive thyroid, depression and anxiety can cause forgetfulness. At a guess if she's forgetting to take it and doesn't seem depressed or anxious its probably an underactive thyroid.

nannynick Thu 02-Jul-15 16:46:14

I would not ask but I would suggest that she seeks advice from her GP as taking prescribed medication is important and maybe she needs to be on something different.

Be a caring boss but don't overly get involved. Do though tackle any work related issues that not taking the medication may be causing.

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