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Best Time to tell children you're leaving?

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movingon5 Wed 01-Jul-15 17:50:23

I have recently handed in my notice after just over 5 years. The children are school aged.

My current bosses don't want to say anything until they have found a replacement.

I feel that the sooner we tell them the longer they have to get used to the idea.

Obviously I wouldn't go against their wishes, but equally I won't lie to the children if they over hear something and ask! Which is what I am afraid of. I love them so much and this has been a tough decision, and the last thing I would want is for them to hear it from someone else, or overhear the parents talking!

Just wandered what others thought, I'm sure there isn't really a right or wrong way! But will be interesting to hear of other nanny's and parents experiences.

Girlsville Wed 01-Jul-15 18:41:11

My nanny of 5 years is leaving in September. My oldest two kids are school age and I have told them already that she will be leaving to prepare them. I've explained why she is leaving and that she will come back to visit us etx and it seems to have gone down fine.

movingon5 Wed 01-Jul-15 19:47:35

Thanks Girlsville it's great to hear that your children have taken the news well. I am certain that my two charges will be fine too. But I do think giving them time to come to terms with the idea, before getting someone new. Would be easier for them to cope with.

legolegolego Wed 01-Jul-15 21:18:32

When I left my last long-term job, we told them in the May that I would be leaving in the September. The eldest had a lot of questions and a lot of worries about it so I'm really glad we had that time to answer them all and involve them in new plans (like visiting my new flat etc as I was live-in).

OnewayoranotherIwill Wed 01-Jul-15 21:59:39

I am leaving the family I've worked for after 5 years this August. The kids are 3 & 5 so one is only starting school this September. I told them a month ago (parents wanted me to tell them). It gave them time to ask loads of questions and talk things through.
I was careful though they didn't overhear I was leaving from someone else. I only told very close friends and their parents prior to them knowing as obviously I wanted them to hear first hand so I could explain.

movingon5 Thu 02-Jul-15 10:35:46

Thanks, great to hear things have worked out okay once the children have been told.

Now to work on telling my bosses that I think the sooner we tell them the better. I know they will be upset, but I would rather they were upset and able to talk things through, with a good few weeks to get used to the idea. Rather than telling them a few weeks before I go!

It's so hard, I feel awful carrying on like nothing's happening. They are talking about the clubs and things they will be doing in school next term, and I am thinking, that I won't be there sad Just feels wrong not to tell them!

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