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nanny share agreement and any tips for nanny share generally

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happyfeet2015 Tue 23-Jun-15 17:18:48

looking to set up a nanny share agreement and wondered if anyone has any tips as to what should be included? I have heard nightmare stories about nanny shares going wrong so want to be aware of pitfalls and try to cover them off in the contract as far as possible.

if anyone has a template which they could send to me - all the better. thanks!

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Mon 29-Jun-15 12:32:37

Annual leave
The nanny chooses two weeks and "you" choose the other. It's helpful to get both families to agree on their two weeks up front. Otherwise one family has to find childcare and pay for two weeks of holiday when not on holiday themselves. That bred huge resentment.

Our nanny share got a bit fraught when we discovered that the other family were buying battery farmed chicken and processed food for the children and lots of naice food for the adults [ie money wasn't an issue]

Agree on an amount to be transferred to the nanny monthly and what it is supposed to cover.

If one family wants to send their child to all sorts of paid activities and the other family doesn't/can't afford it, it results in one child sitting around waiting a lot. Agree what's reasonable up front and don't get talked into paying for activities that you don't want your child to do/see any merit in.

Discuss what will happen when more children come along?

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