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Au Pair Agency Recommendation

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HungryHair Sat 20-Jun-15 10:15:12

Hi there, I am looking to hire an au pair for the first time. I am pretty short on time so would like to use an agency. Does anyone have any recommendations of who to use. I read good things about Abacus in Brighton but the reviews were a few years old. I did also read some positive comments about Smart AuPairs but the placement fee for a 1yr post seemed to be around £600 which seemed really high. I don't have a preference on the nationality of an Au Pair. Any advice is really welcome.

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ek54 Sat 20-Jun-15 20:50:02

Hi Hairyhair, sorry to jump in. I'm also interested in knowing more about smart au pairs. Before I contact them, I wanted to know is it true that their au pairs all have videos? Any feedback would be great.

ChablisTyrant Sat 20-Jun-15 20:59:33

I'm also interested. I've suddenly decided we need a summer au pair. Have one million applications and cannot sifting it so need an agency.

Karoleann Sat 20-Jun-15 21:50:05

My advice would be not to use an agency. They only tend to have the younger, more cautious candidates who want the security of an agency.
We tried initially with a couple of agencies and they were really useless, even though both had been recommended by friends.

It is much easier just to do it yourself, it only takes a couple of weeks on an pair world and you can ask for all the usual documentation - police check, health certificate from doctor, reference, driving license etc that an agency asks for. You will also have a much bigger choicest candidates than an agency will give you.

Chablis - you can really reduce your applicants by just deleting anyone
1. Who hasn't written a personal reply to you. (Less interested)
2. Who hasn't put a photo.
3. Anyone who doesn't say they like children in their profile.
4. Anyone not from EU countries or from NZ, Australia, Canada (as they won't get a VISA easily)
5. Anyone too young (I think under 20/21).

You then won't be left with many, ask any questions of the others and then ask for their email addresses - send a fact sheet with more job details and ask them to contact you if everything suits. You'll be then left with maybe 3/4 to skype and thence up choose someone!

HRHQueenMe Sun 21-Jun-15 13:57:07

��������������������Second what KaroleAnn says! AuPair world will cost you £30. Agency £600. And all the seasoned great second time around aupairs advertize on Aupairworld.

ek54 Sun 21-Jun-15 20:40:02

Hi Karoleann and HRH, thanks for the feedback but like Chablis I haven't the time to be looking for an au pair online myself. I'd still be interested to get an agency recommendation. Thanks a mil in advance

milkmilklemonade12 Tue 23-Jun-15 23:08:13

I've not had a great experience with au pair world personally, I have used Smart Au Pairs and had great success with them though. But horses for courses! Some people have had amazing AP's from AP World.

Smart Au Pairs were really quick and just gave really good service. I have used them for a couple of years now. Good luck!

Radiatorvalves Tue 23-Jun-15 23:17:36

We have used Pebbles for 7/8 years. Very happy.

skitskatdoodle Sat 29-Oct-16 06:44:18

My advice to anyone is to steer clear of smart aupair. Shockingly bad con artists.

TallulahTheTiger Sat 29-Oct-16 07:13:12

I've not used but few of the families at school have used agency busy beesaupairs- girls have been younger 19-22 but all had prev exp.

Amalfimamma Sat 29-Oct-16 07:28:54

If it's any help I can recommend Celtic Childcare in Turing italy, they do send italian au pairs to the uk, ireland and usa and also take girls in italy.

I do advise against Internet as you can find crap families and crap au pairs

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