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First experience, having problem with children

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JAsmine1725 Thu 18-Jun-15 16:19:14


This is my first time to be a nanny, at first I think this job is quite easy as I first come, the children had accepted me quickly and having fun with me.
However, after few times I send the 3 years old baby to nursery as required by her mom, she start rejecting me, when I wanna feed her, she shout at me and ask me to walk away.
and she have a really unstable emotion now, sometimes she wants her mom and sometimes she shout at her mom and say 'bad mummy!'
She cried really loud everytime we mention keywords like 'nursery' and 'teacher' . Everytime we walk / send her in front of Nursery, she cried really hard as well.

What should I do?
1. To make her like me back and accept me?

Second condition:
There is a 2 years old baby in this house as well. She always want her mother, but her mom hope that she can follow me and listen to me so that her mom have personal time to do her own things.

What should I do to make her like me more?
I notice that when she first left her mom she will cry, but after a while, If she get attracted to other things, she will stop crying. How I make her accept me?

Cindy34 Thu 18-Jun-15 16:43:52

She does not want to go to nursery, wants something else, maybe to stay with you? If she has to go to nursery, then talk to nursery staff about how she is at nursery and how they can make her enjoy it.

Cindy34 Thu 18-Jun-15 16:50:12

Can you take the children out, to the park for example? If mum is not there then they will need to interact with you more and get used to being with you doing fun things.

It will be harder with mum around as children will naturally want their mum over anyone else, so they will want her attention even if she is busy doing things.

Get to their level, lie on the floor and do a jigsaw together, build train tracks, play with farm animals, dolls, whatever they like doing.
Avoid telling them what to do unless necessary for safety. Be involved in their play, taking on a role such as the person who has their hair done, or you being a customer in their shop.

PinkPearlClutcher Thu 18-Jun-15 17:37:14

Some good advice above.

It sounds like the 3 year old is very confused with all this change. She needs lots of love and comfort. Play with her, have fun with her, cuddle her. This phase will pass.

With the 2 year old, I agree taking her out for special time together and special treats will win her over.

The first few months are hard, but it will get better!

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