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Do I need employers insurance for a nanny share NOT in my home?

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puffinsaregood Wed 10-Jun-15 12:25:54

I am starting a nanny share and the share will be in the other family's house. They would only use our house infrequently, e.g. if the other child was ill with something v infectious and staying at home with mum. I did recommended the other mum check if her home insurance covers a Nanny, but as the Nanny is a close member of their family I don't think they are expecting any legal disagreements, so I am not sure whether she has checked.

Do I need employers insurance for employing a Nanny if she is not working in my house?
Do I need insurance if she works in my home infrequently e.g. if the other family is ill?
If the other family don't have insurance and there is an incident at their home, am I partly liable? E.g. should I push the point that they should check they are insured?

We don't currently have house insurance, so we would need to get it especially to cover the Nanny if we need it, which is why we are asking.

If we do need it, can anyone recommend any policies suited to renters? We rent furnished flats, I struggled to find any policies that were suited to this situation.

eeyore12 Wed 10-Jun-15 12:41:49

Do you not have contents insurance so that if anything gets damaged it is covered. If you do ask that insurer what they suggest. Also ask your landlord if their home insurance covers you to have an employee working in the property, I know some landlords have not allowed it before because of this reason.

minderjinx Wed 10-Jun-15 18:42:01

You should definitely have employer's liability insurance if you employ someone, even if not in your home, doubly so if they are ever in your home. It's essential in case they have an accident/injury whilst working (wholly or partly for you, regardless of where) or get a work-related illness and decide to sue you. You also need to consider what happens/who pays if she accidentally damages your home or its contents. If you don't have home or contents insurance yourself, does the landlord, and if so will it cover your employee? As others have said, many insurance companies do not automatically cover employees.

minderjinx Wed 10-Jun-15 18:43:00

Sorry I meant Eeyore, not others!

puffinsaregood Wed 10-Jun-15 19:50:48

Will a home insurance cover me as a Nanny employer when she is working outside my home though?

Thanks for the advice, I will look for insurance tonight.

No, we don't have home contents insurance, we decided not to get it.

nannynick Wed 10-Jun-15 20:48:45

Found a commercial policy - Policy Document (pdf)
That might be the sort of thing that could cover it. Hard to know for sure.

You could try calling [[ Morton Michel] and asking if a quote could be obtained from the underwriters, given that you want cover for your employee who would be working at a domestic location Other than your own home.

Are you setting up your nanny share as two employers one nanny, or joint employers one nanny? If the latter, then maybe a policy like this could cover the nanny when they work in either location, if the underwriters agreed.

Tomuchcake Thu 11-Jun-15 01:10:02

The nanny can get her own insurance

minderjinx Thu 11-Jun-15 07:04:53

Nanny insurance is to protect the nanny against claims against her. Employers liability insurance protects the insurers against claims by the nanny or her insurers against them.

eeyore12 Thu 11-Jun-15 10:54:40

Then you want employers liability insurance which you can get I am sure seperate from home insurance. That should cover you wherever she is working for you although if anything happens at the other house then they would be liable I would think as at their property.

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