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nanny bringing baby to work

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pinkdaffodil23 Sat 06-Jun-15 12:52:51

Hi everyone
I'm looking for stories from nanny employers that have allowed their nanny ro return to work with baby and from nannies that have took baby to work after having them. You may of seen my other post, I am seriously considering trying for a baby but I know logically I could only go for it if my current employer would allow me to return with baby after the initial 6 or so weeks of as maternity pay just isn't enough. I am pretty sure she would allow me to I have been with them 3 years the children are like my family and im god parent to the youngest. The eldest is 5 and at school the second goes to school in September and the third will be 2 in august going to school sept 2017. I know they want me to stay until at least all three are in school and then situation will be reassessed. That would mean I would have mine little one and the families youngest. I could fit all 4 in the car. Most of school holidays they go away but not for all of 6 weeks.

If you have been in this situation employer or nanny, did it work for you?

WeAreEternal Sat 06-Jun-15 13:09:12

I haven't but a friend of mine has, it works well for them and the nanny.

I think the most important thing is making it an attractive option to your employer by ensuring the care of their DCs will not be affected and giving them a good reduction in your pay. If they already love you and you make it worthwhile for them I'm sure they won't have a problem with it.

eeyore12 Sat 06-Jun-15 17:47:30

One thing I will say as a nanny having returned to work with my son at 9 months to a different family as my other family changed their minds about me returning with him, is although they may say you can come back with baby they are entitled to change their minds, they only have to let you gone back to your original post not to have your baby with you.

Also it works well when you are working for a family where they have a child the same or similar age as yours so they will be roughly at the same stage of development, going to the same groups etc, if the family only have older children (even an older toddler) they may of started to take down all the baby safety stuff and may not want to put it all back again for another 2-3 years as it would be there all the time even when you weren't.

Bettyboophead Sat 06-Jun-15 17:58:35

Hi I'm afraid we had a rather poor experience of this. Great nanny prior to baby and then on initial return to work was fine (baby was only 3 months or so - her choice to return so soon). As baby weaned and became more active she ignored my children (aged 3&6) and did the bare minimum to feed them and basically took care of her own child on my time/money. It was dreadful. The relationship soured dramatically and we parted ways. I think it's a reasonable thing if you have a childminder (with multiple children being looked after) rather than a more 'exclusive' care of a nanny (i.e. One family). But there is a price differential for a reason (nanny more expensive). I would steer clear where possible.

AMcoffeeLover Sat 06-Jun-15 20:08:54

I don't have experience of this but a close friend takes her baby to work with her (nanny/housekeeper to 2 school aged children). family wanted her back (she wasn't sure, was considering being a SAHM), they didn't drop her pay, and she went back after 9 months. She's still with them 3 years on and has a second one on the way. Going to carry on with the family after baby is born still on same pay.
I think it very much depends on the family your with (have you spoken about taking a baby with you?) And if you can carry on your duties with your own baby around? But remember the family can change their mind about taking a child with you at any time (unless its in your contract)

electionfatigue Sat 06-Jun-15 22:05:17

All depends on your relationship. Standard advice here to employers is to put in the contract that the right to bring your baby is renewable every 6 months, so it isn't secure childcare.

Could you childmind instead?

Artandco Tue 09-Jun-15 13:45:25

It really depends on family and logistics.

The most successful ones have alternate childcare when needed. So for example nanny brings child all the time, but the nannies husband/ partner works from home or flexible in office. So when say the children nanny cares for are ill/ have particular school event/ go on day trip tricky with baby, then baby can stay with their father. That way no resentment of the main children missing out.

Another I know has her mother look after baby every other Friday, so one day in 10 worked she can blitz through stuff needed at work but not daily such as reorganising kids rooms and toys/ buying school clothes/ organising upcoming events/ wash kids rugs- winter coats etc etc. as can do quicker when baby isn't there and children at school ( cares for school age only). Or uses that day in holidays to take kids on long day trips to castles/ beaches

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Tue 09-Jun-15 15:41:41

I currently have a NWOC but her DC was 2.5 when she started coming to work with her. Until then her DM had looked after her DC.

ArtandCo's suggestion is a good one about care for one day a week. In the main it has been a positive experience for us but the downsides have been:
She has no back up childcare if her child is ill so one of the main benefits to us of having a nanny has been sometimes lost. That said, her own sick leave has been non-existent. We should have bottomed this out in advance but she became a NWOC on an unplanned basis
She has provided the double buggy and takes it away every evening. Big bonus - they are huge things to have around the house
Her DC was past the nap stage but I'd expect to have a travel cot and highchair removed/put away if we had space ahead of the weekend
The biggest issue has been 3 kids instead of 2. It's a bit manic to be honest and she does not achieve the same level of support/nanny duties that I would expect with a sole charge nanny. You are proposing 4, so that's not a lot of time for admin/nanny duties at all.

All in all it has been a positive experience especially for my youngest. I would employ another NWOC but it would be on the basis of best fit for my children and reliability rather than a small saving to be honest.

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