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When to start looking for after school help starting 1st Sept?

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RunningGuerita Tue 05-May-15 19:53:22

My first born starts school in sept. We need an after school nanny/some kind of help from 1st Sept 12 hrs a week. When should I start advertising and where?

I am in SW15 if that helps. This is my first time doing this as both my children are at nursery.


Maryann1975 Tue 05-May-15 20:27:31

Are you wanting your dc to be in your home or are you happy for them to go somewhere else, maybe a childminder or after school club?
Can you speak to the school to see what provisions they have there, speak to other parents to see what they do, or try your local family information service for a list of Childminders that pick up at your school. Then, it's a case of phoning round, visiting and seeing what you think. I don't think its to early to be contacting people, cms will more than likely know their vacancies for September already.
If you want a nanny, do you want to do all the checks yourself? (An add on gum tree maybe) or can you afford to pay an agency to do that for you? How many days is the 12 hours over? A nanny might want more hours than that, especially if it's over most of the week.

RunningGuerita Tue 05-May-15 21:58:49

Thanks for the reply. I need someone 3 to 6pm mon to thu. There is an after school club but I am not keen on using it for reception. I think DD will need a quieter environment. I have asked some current mums at the school to ask around for childminders. I have also looked on the FIS site but none seem local to us or the school. I've been told anecdotally that there are students or ladies with older (out of the house) kids that might take this kind of part time work. I wouldn't expect a nanny to be happy with 12 to 15 hrs a week. My main question is, is it too early to put an ad in gumtree or and where should I advertise?

Thanks for your advice!

eeyore12 Wed 06-May-15 06:32:16

Its never to early to look I don't think. I am a nanny and had a job like this where the eldest started school and the youngest was in nursery, I would collect eldest take her home do tea any reading etc and then collect youngest from nursery so parents could come straight home. To increase the hours slightly they took the youngest out of nursery one day a week and I did a full day that day. Plus full days in the holidays for the eldest. Is that something you could consider? Or would you not need her looked after in the holidays. I do have my own little boy who came with me which may be again something you look into having a nanny with their own child. Worked well for me as I got to spend loads of time with my little boy and then he got to spend time with older children in the afternoon

nannynick Wed 06-May-15 06:48:39

Advertise now. Think local, is there a shop which accepts ads? Where would locals look for work?

RunningGuerita Wed 06-May-15 20:53:25

Thanks all. I will start to advertise. Any advice on which sites to use?

TooBusyByHalf Thu 07-May-15 11:39:52

Local FB groups / noticeboards seem to be used for this kind of thing round our way.
We've also used gumtree successfully but you do have to be prepared to spend ages reading rubbish to find the possible ones.

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