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Au pair in Godalming area - any ideas much appreciated...

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McCNat Mon 23-Mar-15 22:59:38

We have our first au pair joining us in early May. She is keen to meet people and take English lessons. We're new to the area too so I don't know anybody to introduce her to and we live in a small village near Godalming (Shackleford) so it may be lonely for her. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can make it easier? Also does anyone have particular recommendations for a language course - I assume it would have to be in Guildford?

So much to organise with the move too! Thanks very much.

monkeypuzzeltree Mon 23-Mar-15 23:07:18

Get her to join the Au Pair group for your area on facebook, that will give her details of the meet ups. Then check out adult education centres - and churches - we found a big church which runs an au pair language school and meet ups in our nearest town. The course they need is called ESOL I think there are 2 levels.

monkeypuzzeltree Mon 23-Mar-15 23:07:28

And good luck!

Emilywoods000 Mon 17-Aug-15 19:52:22

hi there

Do you still have your appear? I have just had a new appear arrive. She is from Finland and 19 years old and is keen to meet other au pairs. She's very lovely! If you still have one please let me know and maybe we can introduce them :-)

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