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Is anyone here a childminder?

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Bexicle22 Sat 07-Mar-15 09:09:00

I'm thinking of registering and training to become a childminder. Just wanted some info/advice from people who have done it themselves. What is involved in the training and how long does it take? What is the average pay per child and what are the hours generally like? I have worked in a voluntary capacity with young children and found it very rewarding and would love to be a part of helping children grow and develop and not having any two days the same.

Thanks in advance!

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HSMMaCM Sat 07-Mar-15 11:50:22

I'm not up to date on training and registration, but your local authority early years department will be able to tell you.

The rate you charge will depend on where you are, what you offer and demand in your area.

You can choose your hours. Full time, part time, shift work, nights, weekends, before and after school, term time only, whatever you want. I work mon-fri 8-6 with some extra hours available.

jendot2 Sat 07-Mar-15 16:32:05

You need a level 3 qualification, 1st aid, DBS check, health declaration all of which you have to pay for.
The whole application process (excluding the childcare qualification, which can take longer) takes about 6months from enquiry to being able to childmind.
You have to buy equipment required, pay for registration, business car insurance, personal liability insurance etc

So not cheap or easy but it's a very rewarding job

Have a look at the ofsted website, they have a section called becoming a childminder.

katymason01 Sat 07-Mar-15 16:45:54

I currently work as a nanny but am in the process of becoming a childminder,
DBS for yourself and anyone over 16 that lives in ur property £52 each
DBS Update Service £13 each per yr,
Ofsted £35 per yr
I did HBCA course £220 but depends where u r what course u need to do, o completed mine in 1 month. (this is min requirement u have to complete the whole of the level 3 which i think is an 18 month course also I believe but I know loads of childminders who are doin there years into their role)
Peadiatric First Aid has to be min 12 hrs (i did 6 hrs oon a course 6 hrs online) £99
Public Liaviblity Insurance £80 per yr
Business Car and Home Insurance i ha to switch providers but wasn't any extra cost to me. I found all this info on Ofsted website I think when i was first looking

Jinxxx Sat 07-Mar-15 18:09:02

I'm not up to date with entry requirements but was surprised to see a level 3 qualification listed as mandatory (before anyone gets alarmed I do have one!). That would be worth checking I think as it would probably be easier to get after some hands-on experience. I would also suggest your local authority is the best source of advice for timescales, costs and likely uptake and earnings. It is an extremely local market.

Tw1nkle Sun 08-Mar-15 08:01:54

Hi - As far as I'm aware, you dont need a level 3 qualification - unless this is a new requirement.

Bexicle22 Sun 08-Mar-15 09:05:12

Thanks all. From what I've read online, you don't need a level 3 qualification to start out with but it can help you and you can go on to do this while childminding. I currently work within a school and just recently had a DBS check which I have the certificate for. I know that childminding is a self employed business so would I need to have a separate DBS check for this or does the one I current,y have cover all aspects?

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Lovemycatsandkids Wed 11-Mar-15 10:15:36

Hi I have restarted childminding and had a DBS check from working as a TA in school but I needed another one as did others over 16 in my house.

But but please remember to apply to the update service. I didn't and needed to reapply again and pay again.

Bonkerz Sat 14-Mar-15 12:22:27

In my county you have to go Tia council briefing first and then apply dbs with update. Yes you will need a new one and one for every person over 16 in your home these cost £53 each and £13 a year update. Then 12hour peadiatric first aid course (between £60-£120) and you will also need to complete CYPOP course (some county's fund this or its £250 with pacey) Health declaration costs about £35 at doctors and then you can fill out theEYC form for OFSTeD. Fees are£35 a year and insurance about£62 per year. Then you get a pre reg. Registration in our area takes 8-12 months.

RaspberrysAndIcecream Tue 17-Mar-15 08:31:28

I'm currently doing the cypop 5 course to start childminding. You don't need a level 3, but if u want to take funded 15 hours children then you do. This is different to accepting childcare vouchers.
You will still need a new DBS check, first aid and food hygiene. Also look at some eyfs training.
PM me if you want some more info, happy to pass it on grin

adsy Tue 17-Mar-15 12:43:46

raspberry by law you do not now need level 3 or anything else other than at least a good grading to offer the funded places.
if your local authority say otherwise they are legally wrong and should be challenged.

Oonique Sun 09-Dec-18 23:55:22

What company was this, if you don't mind me asking. How are you finding it? Stressful and do you find it rewarding. Thanks

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