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What paperwork do I need to see before nanny starts work?

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dancingwitch Sun 15-Feb-15 22:07:03

We've recently offered a lady a job as our nanny. It is the first time we have employed a nanny. I have sent her the contract which she is bringing around this week along with her passport & driving licence. What else do I need to see? She is doing a first aid course just before she starts with us and the DBS is currently being done. Do I need to see her car insurance saying she is covered for business use?

Is there anything I need to sort out other than insurance? What insurance am I looking for? Employer's liability insurance? And I need to sort out payroll.


nannynick Sun 15-Feb-15 23:01:40

Passport and Driving License are good - photo id and proof of address, plus if you know how to read the driving license you can tell if they need to wear glasses to drive (on the back, code 01 - assuming UK driving license).

Ask to see any training certificates.

Would be useful to see car insurance, also the car itself to make yourself happy that it is in a fit state to be on the road (just have a look at it, unless you are a mechanic).

Nanny will be sorting out their insurance - are you in England and are they going through the Ofsted registration process (you mention DBS and First Aid)?

You need Employers Liability - contact your Home Contents Provider if you can not see it on your policy. They may be able to add for a small fee. If they can't then you will need to get it separately. MortonMichel offers it, as do other insurance brokers I suspect.

Payroll - doing that yourself or will you use a payroll company? If doing yourself, consider using free/low cost software like BrightPay, 12pay, ThePayrollSite. Or learn to use the HMRC tools.

dancingwitch Mon 16-Feb-15 22:15:10

Thanks. That is all helpful.

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