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Parents and CMs what's your policy when your child is ill?

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1stBabyQuestions Sun 15-Feb-15 17:11:12

Just that really- when do you decide to close, how ill is your child before you shut?

How have you written this into your policies?

I have been a childminder for years but just recently become a mom so have never had to think about this before, I would always work no matter how crappy I felt but obviously can't carry on like that now I have my own child to consider also!.

HSMMaCM Sun 15-Feb-15 18:11:25

Depends on the age of the child.

When DD was a baby, I would inform parents of her illness and say if they wanted to keep their child away, they would not be charged, but could send them if they wanted to. She would usually be in the room with us, but I would keep her apart from the other children as much as possible.

When she was a bit older and could lie around in her bedroom watching DVDs, I would offer parents the same deal as above, but she would not be in the room with the mindees at all and I would wash my hands thoroughly between visits to her room.

Now she's a teenager, I don't even tell parents, as she keeps completely away from their children in her room, barely needing any contact from me except by text

The health and infection control off all the children would be carefully observed.

Jinxxx Sun 15-Feb-15 18:22:06

I think you have to behave as you would expect parents to. In other words, if a child has an infectious condition, they need to stay home, and if it is your child, then you need to close, and to observe the 48 hours quarantine since last incidence rule with regard to D&V before you reopen. Parents need to be aware and have back up plans in place, just as they would if their own child were ill.

That said, we do have quite a large house, so if an older child could remain completely separate, then like HSMM I would say that meets the requirements for quarantining. My own children are actually very resilient so it has hardly ever arisen as an issue. My youngest is in year 5 and has only had one day off school (and been sent home once with concussion!)

HSMMaCM Sun 15-Feb-15 18:28:55

Agree Jinxxx. I think cm builds our children's immune systems. DD only had coughs and colds really, and rarely has a day off school.

1stBabyQuestions Sun 15-Feb-15 19:53:53

She will be 8weeks when we return to work.

Thanks for your input both!! My hubby is my assistant and we have both agreed that we need to be stricter with parents bringing in sick children now we have our own to think about! In the past 12mnths we cared for children with chicken pox, chest infections and neurovirus. Not any more!!

1stBabyQuestions Sun 15-Feb-15 19:55:42

My last post is a bit misleading actually- those children were sent home and doctors confirmed those illness' afterwards, we didn't accept them once we knew what they had.

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