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helping nanny register for ofsted

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alltheworld Sun 15-Feb-15 16:13:50

I would like to help my nanny register for ofsted.

What is the fastest way for her to get registered? Does she need to have her childcare qualification etc in place before applying to Ofsted or can she apply, get in the system and update them with the various paperwork as she sorts it?

I know it can take a few months but am not sure where the delay happens ie whether the delay is ofsted's end. I was told that the CRB/DBS is now much faster than it used to be. I can get her her first aid in 14 days, she can organise her insurance.

Any recommendations for an easy to use online childcare qualification organisation? (She hasn't studied for a long while and is nervous about that).

I would also like to contribute towards the cost but also want to ensure that I am not left out of pocket should she quit before registering or shortly afterwards (this has happened to me before). What would be the fairest way to work this out - loan her the money for the registration process? Pay her the money but say it is repayable if she quits within x months of obtaining the registration or if she never gets it at all?

Thanks for any thoughts

nannynick Sun 15-Feb-15 17:02:02

She needs everything in place first.

MNT Training does a common core course that could be done quickly.

Whilst doing that, apply for the DBS check with Update Service using the site.

One they have First Aid (paediatric suitable for Ofsted reg. 12hour suggested) plus DBS check plus Common Core then complete the Ofsted CR1 form as Home Childcarer.
Then buy nanny insurance.

NannyR Sun 15-Feb-15 19:33:10

With regards to who pays what;
insurance - nanny should already have this and it's her responsibility to pay for it,
first aid - I'm happy to pay for my own course and would do it regardless of whether I was ofsted registered or not, however some parents do pay towards it,
registration fee - should be the parents responsibility to pay it as they are the ones gaining financially from the nanny being registered,
Childcare qualification - not sure about that as I already had a qualification in place.

halfwayupthehill Sun 15-Feb-15 21:34:06

Many thanks both

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