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Au pair from outside Europe

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agnesrose86 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:51:34

I kind of assumed that we would have a European au pair but we've had some great applications from Canadian people. How does it work with au pairs from outside Europe? Will they need to/be able to get a visa for a full year? As flights are more expensive, is it likely they will stay with us over the holidays etc? Anything else I need to think about? Be great to hear people's experiences.

ChristmasMarketCrazy Fri 13-Feb-15 13:26:25

they may have a British (or eu) parent, so they themselves will have a British passport. commonwealth countries have visa schemes, either ancestry or a young person visa.
I came over from Canada in an ancestry visa, it was very straightforward.

nannynick Fri 13-Feb-15 14:48:19

Youth Mobility Scheme is also an option for those without British ancestory.
Wise to think about costs of flights - is it worth while for them to come, would they go back very often or stayvthe entire time with you?

Karoleann Sat 14-Feb-15 01:00:04

We were due to have an Australian au pair from April, turns out she actually couldn't get a VISA as she'd already had a tier 5 previously and you can only have one ever!

Instead we are actually having a lovey South African girl who can get an ancestry visa - so valid for 5 years. She has a grandparent who was british.

She will stay with us over the holidays, but I don't host over Christmas, so if she's still with us, I've made it clear that she will need to go home over that time.

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