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Thinking of becoming a childminder. What do I need to know?

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Mouldypineapple Fri 06-Feb-15 20:08:19

Have my own dd 5 at primary school. Have chronic back condition so cannot go back to my previous profession which was quite physical so contemplating other options.
Would you recommend it?
Is the new admin EYFS system a nightmare??
Have older dd who I used childminder with but was quite a few years ago and don't have a lot of other experience.

Mouldypineapple Fri 06-Feb-15 20:09:00

Experience of childminders directly I mean. I have a lot of experience looking after children.

LuckyLopez Fri 06-Feb-15 20:14:38

Hmm first thing I would say is 'Is your back up to it?'

It's an incredibly physical job lifting toddlers and carrying a clingy baby all day, getting down on the floor and lifting pushchairs and car seats. I know lots of cms who have back problems because of childminding.

Would you pass the medical declaration?

Mouldypineapple Fri 06-Feb-15 20:17:08

Where is the best place to reference it? Not sure how good or not it would be with a heavy toddler all day. Young babies ok, you can sit with them at least some of the time!

LuckyLopez Fri 06-Feb-15 20:30:43

The declaration? I don't know- your GP just has to sign to say you are physically and mentally for and well to do the job. If he/she notes anything of concern, Ofsted will usually get you to see one of their occupational therapists.

HSMMaCM Fri 06-Feb-15 20:32:56

I don't have any trouble with EYFS, but regularly visit a chiropractor to fix my back. It's a very physical job. Contact your local authority and they should be able to help you with registration and might be able to say what the demand is for CMs for babies in your area.

Mouldypineapple Fri 06-Feb-15 20:48:39

Need to give it more thought and see if I can speak to some childminders at the school I think. Have been turned down for another job because of my back after having various occ health assessments so may not work.

How about if I did after school care only?

LuckyLopez Fri 06-Feb-15 21:49:12

You still need to register with ofsted unless you're providing care for over 8s only.

adsy Sat 07-Feb-15 11:52:52

The trouble with small babies is they tend to get bigger!
Wouldn't think you'd earn enogh from just after school to make it worthwhile tbh

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