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Disappearing reviews from

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lou7lou Mon 02-Feb-15 23:11:11

We had a disappointing experience with a childminder and so we felt that we should review this person so other parents can take our experience into consideration when choosing a childminder.

Our 2 star review was factual and not offensive in our opinion (text below) but although initially posted it disappeared after a couple of weeks.

If only permit positive reviews or members can remove unwanted reviews then the value of the review site of the site is greatly reduced.

Has anyone else come across something similar?

Review text:

We cancelled after 3 weeks because our 3 year old refused to go, had behavioural issues, especially at pick-up time (running off, tantrums) and mostly refused to talk about the day other than saying he played on his own and was sad. When we once picked him up 20 minutes early, we found him in front of the television... not that this is a major problem itself, but it reflected what we started to believe the care was like. After a similar amount of days in his new setting, he is a delight at pick up time and is eager to tell us about what he has been doing at nursery. What a difference!

grandmainmypocket Mon 02-Feb-15 23:30:59

I read a negative review about 2 nannies which I found very helpful.

Regarding your review with the childminder I feel it's a bit harsh. I appreciate that was your experience but it doesn't give a full picture.

lovelynannytobe Mon 02-Feb-15 23:52:07

Tbh tantrums at pick up an running off sounds perfectly normal. It was a bit harsh to post a review like this. It doesn't seem she did anything wrong you just didn't gel that's it.

Jinxxx Tue 03-Feb-15 08:09:29

I do think that is a harsh review given the timescale. If you had had several meetings and agreed a joint strategy for helping him to settle and she had failed to do whatever she had agreed to do, that would be warranted. And it could well be that the next setting is reaping the rewards of some of the work she had done to help him adjust. Sometimes these things take time.

jendot2 Tue 03-Feb-15 08:36:40

I also think your review is very harsh. You have based it on the behaviour of your son and your opinions rather than an actual review of the setting.
Something more like .... My son attended the setting for x weeks. The childminder was welcoming and the setting clean. She provided some activities for minded children, like TV time, trips to the park (add any other things your son did). The meals provided were .......
While the setting is ok, we decided to move our son to nursery where there would be a bigger range of activities and opportunities for socialisation which we felt would suit his age and temperament better.

Sometimes it's better to put a review that allows parents to read between the lines rather than be ing so blunt.

Fwiw it's important to remember that not all settings suit all parents, parenting styles or expectations of a childcare setting. While your childminder could just be lazy it is more likely that your parenting style and expectations didn't match the service she was providing. This does not mean she is necessarily 'bad' and that as a parent you have the right to try and destroy her business.

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