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Nanny and lunch

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thatsmadted Mon 02-Feb-15 07:47:37

I'm trialling a nanny over half-term. If it works, I'll book her for the summer. Both of us are completely new to this though and I'm not sure what to do about food, both for her and DD.

Should I leave out a plated lunch for DD (aged 5) and expect her to bring a packed lunch? Or just tell her the kind of stuff she eats and let her throw something together for the two of them (beans on toast kind of stuff)?

Also, I'm hoping they will go out to the park / museum etc a few days. I'll need to give her cash for her lunches when they are out but what about the nanny's? Presumably I need to cover her lunch too in those situations? Should I just give her a purse with £50 for miscellaneous expenses for the week?

Sorry, dumb questions, I know!

livsmommy Mon 02-Feb-15 08:08:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

livsmommy Mon 02-Feb-15 08:09:52

Sorry OP wrong thread!

thatsmadted Mon 02-Feb-15 08:10:37

Phew smile.

livsmommy Mon 02-Feb-15 08:13:29

To answer your questions, I wouldn't leave lunch for DD I would allow nanny to make something, and also feed herself, I definitely would not ask her to bring a packed lunch. And yes as a nanny I would expect my lunch to be paid for on days out to, though some days you could suggest they take sandwiches etc to keep costs down. A purse with kitty money is a good idea, you can ask nanny to keep hold of receipts for lunch/entry etc whilst they are out and about.

goshhhhhh Mon 02-Feb-15 08:16:48

Personally I think the latter. I wouldn't be asking the nanny to bring food, as eating, cooking, choosing food together would be good for your dd. Also it is an unusual situation so I would do everything to keep her if you like her.

cosmicboy Mon 02-Feb-15 08:16:56

Hello, I was a nanny (many years ago!) to the loveliest family, who basically treated me as their own (I didn't live in though) I used to prepare and eat lunch with their ds everyday, nothing fancy but it was nice that we sat and ate together every day. My family also had a 'kitty tin' which they topped up on a regular basis, this I used for stuff like the odd cafe lunch, days out etc I would put receipts in there if I had them but this was never asked of me. Hope that helps?! grin

TwelveLeggedWalk Mon 02-Feb-15 08:20:18

Both our nannies have preferred to bring their own lunch, but just help themselves to drinks and things during the day. I would have no problem if they wanted to eat the same as the children - I think they both monitored their diets quite carefully.

thatsmadted Mon 02-Feb-15 08:21:33

That's really helpful. Thanks very much.

Cindy34 Mon 02-Feb-15 09:08:41

Nannies do not get a lunch break, so a perk of the job is that lunch is provided. Reasonable to expect nanny to eat the same as the child and reasonable to expect the nanny to cook. If you feel the need to suggest suitable lunches then do so, particularly if as a family you meal plan and thus need the lunch to fit in that plan.

If they go out, you would incur all expenses. It is reasonable to expect them to take a packed lunch if appropriate.

For the summer you will need to register as an employer (assuming pay will be £111 a week or more, or if nanny does other work) with HMRC. If nanny is a student, then there are particular things that apply, have a look on HMRC website for info about Students Working.

ToffeePenny Mon 02-Feb-15 09:43:28

We always have a soup (winter) or prepared salad items (summer) and a veggie quorn or meat bolognaise sauce (good for pasta or on jacket spuds) on the go plus cooked meats, fish, and cheeses in the fridge - that tends to cover everyone's lunch and snacks (and some meals out).
We have a kitty tin for meals out (and other expenses) kept topped up to £50 (they usually spend the full amount weekly in the winter but hardly anything in the summer - we're in central London so includes the occasional taxi back in the rain, cinema trip or indoor soft play etc) and ask our nanny to add anything she wants or thinks kiddo would like to the fridge list.
If she works evenings (she's live out) we pay for food takeout/delivery in addition to her overtime.

thatsmadted Mon 02-Feb-15 12:22:36

That's really helpful, ToffeePenny. It also reminds me to check in case she's veggie.

DearGirl Mon 02-Feb-15 12:27:13

I do a bit of both bring my own if there's so etching I particularly want but also help myself on what's in the cupboard/fridge.

As the little one is growing we are having the same meals more and more but at the start when weaning it was expected I'd want more than purred carrot. If we go out and we stop because I want a coffee then I pay for my coffee if we stop because we are at soft play or meeting friends then my boss will pay for the coffee.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 02-Feb-15 15:38:12

yes supply lunch for nanny at home and if they go out whether make up picnic or eat out

no you dont cook for your child nanny will

yes nice to leave a kitty esp as HT and ask for receips

PixieofCatan Mon 02-Feb-15 21:45:44

See what Nanny prefers. Providing lunch is supposed to be standard, but I've only once worked for a family willing to provide food/drinks (apart from live-in jobs) hmm

My current family are fine with me taking food (they provided it for their last nanny) but as I'm a gluten-free vegetarian I take my own food in and combine that with things like yoghurt/beans/cheese/etc from their cupboards/fridge.

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