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Book making for pre schoolers.

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CrazyBabies Sat 31-Jan-15 23:20:21

Hi, I have a wonderful imaginative 4 yr old who loves telling stories, his own stories, and I thought it would be lovely to make a story book together. I thought I could write his ideas, but not sure what format to use.
I would welcome any ideas.

Atalanta Sat 31-Jan-15 23:40:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Patilla Sat 31-Jan-15 23:43:20

Could you take photos of his with and print them as a photo book?

Patilla Sat 31-Jan-15 23:43:39

work not with sorry

NannyNim Sun 01-Feb-15 19:58:32

I'm really not very artistic so if I want to make a book with a child I buy a scrapbook then type up or help them write their story then stick it in along with their illustrations/photos.

My mum also used to make really simple origami books for us. They were tiny but as they only required a single sheet of A4 she could make loads and they would keep us entertained for hours!

Tapestry12 Sun 01-Feb-15 21:23:02

Make flaps or pop up books. Great fun.

CrazyBabies Tue 03-Feb-15 15:54:39

Great. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas. Like the flap idea and pop up, photos...little mini books, all sound like great ideas.

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