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Anyone had a new au pair ask if boyfriend can come

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monkeypuzzeltree Wed 28-Jan-15 19:15:05

... For the weekend? What did/would you say? I'm all for helping her settle but don't want to open the floodgates to something I don't want hapenning every month! Thanks!

Schoolaroundthecorner Wed 28-Jan-15 19:18:11

No overnight guests was our rule. We have a big enough spare room but the house itself isn't big enough to add more people staying for nights/weekends. Up to you but our au pairs accepted it.

hiphophippity Wed 28-Jan-15 19:20:24

I have always done one overnight stay by a guest allowed each month - meaning family member or partner. But only if they have been together for a while.

Simmy12 Wed 28-Jan-15 19:27:36

Always had au pairs an if they had a boyfriend for 3+ months let them have them over whenever. As long as they keep to themselves and not sit around the living room while DH and I are spending family time with DCs I don't really care.

Messygirl Wed 28-Jan-15 19:29:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OVienna Wed 28-Jan-15 19:50:57

We had an ap who took advantage. Does he live in the UK?

monkeypuzzeltree Wed 28-Jan-15 19:54:23

Ok, thanks for those. I felt happy if it is now and again, maybe once every six weeks or so. She's only been with us 3 weeks, she asked in week one. She's no going to last is she??!

monkeypuzzeltree Wed 28-Jan-15 19:55:10

I should add he's a boyfriend from home.

PrintScreen Wed 28-Jan-15 22:33:45

Our AP has a boyfriend in her home country. I have agreed he can visit for five days at Easter.

I would not read too much in to her asking so quickly, its normal to be homesick at first and thats probably why she asked.

Messygirl Wed 28-Jan-15 22:37:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

monkeypuzzeltree Wed 28-Jan-15 22:39:43

Great, thanks for that sets my
Mind at ease. Frankly she is great with the children, if it keeps her here and happy I am happy!

TheBlessedCheesemaker Wed 28-Jan-15 22:48:17

Ive always liked their partners and don't see a problem in them coming every few weeks. We had one come every weekend and that meant they never had any spare cash to go out, so they were always around for Saturday night babysitting - they'd even play with kids on Sunday mornings so we could have a sleep-in. Bliss.

OVienna Thu 29-Jan-15 18:11:32

I know what you mean about homesickness. I wouldn't have a problem with a boyfriend from home coming once a month or so. Our ex-APs boyfriend moved to the UK with her...was around every weekend initially. Would'nt repeat.

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