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Childcare for 1 day a week

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spekulatius Wed 28-Jan-15 17:26:02

DD goes to a childminder 2 days a week and is very happy there. My work has changed and I need to work an additional day during the week but not every week. Her childminder is full on that day so can't have her. I've asked other local childminders but they are full, too. Is there no such thing as ad hoc work for childminders? Surely they don't all work to full capacity. I've tried a few nurseries as well, waiting for them to get back to me but I guess that's even more difficult. I've also requested an 'emergency' childminder from but when I tried them last week they couldn't find anyone. They suggested an emergency nanny instead who they also couldn't find so I'm not too impressed.

YonicScrewdriver Wed 28-Jan-15 17:38:51

Spek - would you take on adhoc work if you had the chance for permanent work instead?

You may be able to find a nursery place but you'd probably need to book it every week. It might be cheaper than emergency nannying, though.

HSMMaCM Wed 28-Jan-15 19:21:14

There is such a thing as adhoc CMs, but not many, because most of us try and fill our spaces. You'd probably have more luck booking a regular space every week. It's a shame your cm doesn't have spce to do this.

FlorenceMattell Wed 28-Jan-15 19:24:43

The thing is Childminders and nannies have bills to pay like everyone else. So I expect childminders aim to work to full capacity and dont want a place blocked.
Emergency nannies , have you tried advertising on childcare uk, and local mumsnet site? Is it the same day each week? If it is you might get someone who wants occasional work on top of another job. But otherwise if any day will be difficult.

spekulatius Wed 28-Jan-15 21:03:34

Florence, you misunderstood. I'm not suggesting childminders don't have bills to pay. I was asking if there are childminders who take on 1 child less than what they are allowed to, because they want to. Then they could take on a child occasionally, if they chose to. In the same way that an employed person might chose to work part time. That doesn't mean that they can't work overtime when they choose to. Anyway, I will look at and Gumtree. Nursery would be 177 a month. It's the same day every week. I know that we have to pay for every week even if we don't use it. Yes, wish she coyld go to her regular childminder as she loves going.

YonicScrewdriver Wed 28-Jan-15 21:31:00

Yes, but there are so many more limiting factors - it has to be a childminder local to you, it has to be one who has chosen to be (or for whom it has worked out) that the "not full" day is the day you need etc.

Have you tried after school childminders? Mine occasionally looks after a younger child during the day and always has space because her main profession is after school and holiday care for school aged children.

Strictlyison Thu 29-Jan-15 14:34:25

Where I live there is a shortage of childminders. I receive calls weekly even if I don't advertise, but I don't work at full capacity as I have to pick my children from school and I can't fit all the children in the car/take them in buggies. I only have three travel cots. I don't have a quadruple buggy. Also, childminders are self employed, they work on the days they want to work, and many have second jobs (I am also a part time dinner lady twice a week). We are not like state paid teachers - we are self employed and under no obligation to take on children. I know it's frustrating for parents, but there is a shortage because not that many people are prepared to do this difficult job!

HRHQueenMe Sun 01-Feb-15 17:44:12

I only do adhoc childminding as I have another full time job that gives me a lot of time off, so yes we exist. I am fully booked most days that I open for childminding, and could work flat out 7 days per week if I wanted. It works well for me and my parents are all in similar circumstances that they are flexible and understand that I am only available the days I release for them to book. I do contracts but only charge for time booked and used,no minimum fees. Im in Berks if that helps.

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