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choosing a childminder

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SuziQ74 Fri 23-Jan-15 09:18:34

Hi I am currently looking at childcare for my little boy who is 8 months old. I have looked at a few nurseries but I just haven't been that impressed by them. Also my working hours don't fit exactly into their definition of morning/afternoon sessions. So I'm thinking a childminder would be my best option but I'm really nervous about choosing the right one. It might sound daft but I am worried about leaving him alone with just one person all day. I would love some advice from anyone on how they chose their childminder. Thank you :-)

colafrosties Fri 23-Jan-15 09:55:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Artandco Fri 23-Jan-15 10:01:20

Have you considered a nanny share? Find a nanny and share with another family with child of similar age. That way half the week child is in own home, usually same or cheaper cost than nursery, and permanent playmate with other child. Also means you can suggest things you want them to do also ie if outdoors a lot of day is important to you, or certain food or type of play

Jinxxx Fri 23-Jan-15 12:13:20

I think the real benefit of having a childminder for your son is that he will get to spend his day with one person, and have a close bond which will hopefully continue until he goes to school and possibly beyond. I think 99% of the time you just know when you have found the right one - someone you like and can talk to, someone who is on the same page as you with regard to routines and boundaries and shares your parenting style and values. Most childminders are also parents and I think how their own children have turned out is often a good guide.

Starlightbright1 Fri 23-Jan-15 20:58:26

I am a child minder.My advise is trust your gut instinct...Look for a childminder who does have the same values as you.

Ask about activities and how your child would fit in to it. We take my DC to school and collect him ..My mindee's really look forward to it. I think esp for a first child the children are far more confident on the playground than my own DC was.

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