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Is there funding for childminding kids with SENs?

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LingDiLong Mon 19-Jan-15 10:27:44

I think I know the answer to this is 'no' but just thought I'd check. A child I look after is going through various assessments at the moment and needs one-to-one at school. Although it's clear he needs the assessments his behaviour with me hasn't been hard to manage - until last week when we had a dreadful morning. Of course that bad morning is probably a one off and all kids have those but it did get me thinking, if every day with him was like this, I wouldn't really be able to manage without help. I would absolutely hate to give notice, his mum would be really upset and I would feel like I was discriminating against them. However, I can't afford to pay for an assistant for him out of my own pocket - and, again, passing on the costs to his mum would feel like discrimination.

So is there any funding you can apply for? Do any other childminders on here look after children with SENs, if so, how did you give them the attention they need whilst still providing high quality care for the other children in your setting?


HSMMaCM Mon 19-Jan-15 13:43:26

We can occasionally get extra help from the local authority, but it's not guaranteed and not much. Things like special sensory toys to borrow, or something. Not a member of staff. I did get offered funding to take one child on who would take up three spaces because he needed 1:1, but that was because the parent asked the local authority for help. I have cared for a few autistic children with no additional support, even though they have had 1:1 once they started school.

kathryng90 Mon 19-Jan-15 18:02:09

Have also been given a grant for specialised toys for a partially sighted baby I looked after. Think sensory toys, jigsaws, books. Wasn't much but everything helps. Also was offered double pay for child with additional needs who could then take up 2 places so reduce the ratios. Mind this was a couple of years ago with cut backs don't suppose there's much available now. Do you have a QIO? Or someone local you could approach for advise?

LingDiLong Mon 19-Jan-15 20:35:12

Thanks so much both, that's really helpful. I'm in Wales and a member of PACEY. We used to have a local adviser but not any more. My CSSIW inspector is very helpful but also incredibly difficult to get hold of.

I'll ask some of the local childminders and see if they have any suggestions of who I could ask about this. I'm hopeful I won't need it but I think it's worth some investigations in case I need it in the future.

Thanks again

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