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Not sure what to do? If anything?

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lovebeingananny Mon 12-Jan-15 12:26:31

i'm currently job hunting. I have registered with one agency, and have been looking in all the usual places.

The agency had a few job that looked good so I asked to have my name put forward for them.

I also applied to a job on and have received a reply inviting me for an interview. Now I have more details I can see that it is the same job that the agency has put me forward for! So is this going to be a problem? Or will it be okay as I didn't actually get as far as organising an interview via the agency. The lady hasn't mentioned that she had already seen my CV via the agency, and I'm not sure whether to mention it or not!

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 12-Jan-15 13:32:38

Tech if the agency has put your name forward then you should go via them

Be diff if you contacted family first

eeyore12 Mon 12-Jan-15 14:37:41

Are you sure the agency have actually put you forward for it or have you just said you would like to be put forward as I know several agencies round my way take ages to get back to families with nannies details as they like to wait until they have a few interested. I would say to the mum before you go that you have realised you have contacted an agency about the post and has she received your details from them. If no then go see her from childcare, if yes then say you would like to arrange an interview via the agency, you do run the risk of her then not wanting to see you as she would have to pay agency fees if hires you but it is the right way to play it.

I once did the same went through an agency to an interview which I discovered was the same family I had contacted independently a few days after speaking to the agency not knowing was the same job as details slightly different and she actually said to me at my interview if she had met me away from the agency I would of got the job but a friend had recommended someone and so she was going to go with them as no agency fees!

Jinxxx Mon 12-Jan-15 15:13:23

I think I would go for interview and just mention that the post looks like one you saw with X agency and wonder why they didn't send her your details as you are on their books. If she hasn't had your details through them, then no problem presumably. If she has, it is up to her to sort things out with the agency if she chooses to employ you and exactly what would be involved in these circumstances depends on her contract with them. I still don't think it's your problem

OutragedFromLeeds Mon 12-Jan-15 19:52:58

I'd go for the interview and if it comes up in the future just plead ignorance. You haven't done anything wrong so carry on as normal. If there is any funny business going on it's between the agency and the parent.

Although, if the parent has deceived the agency then you may want to reconsider working for them at all?

lovebeingananny Mon 12-Jan-15 22:13:23

Thanks for all the replies. Well I'm meeting her next week. Once I've met her I will decide whether to mention the agency or not!

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