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First time nanny

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Ninnipaula Wed 31-Dec-14 17:47:54

Hi all I'm a full time foster carer but with kids being at school I'm looking to become a nanny I have ally police checks it's updated every 12 moths I've also done a lot of courses just going to do my first aid in January I'm just asking anyone if there is anything important I need to know smile

nannynick Wed 31-Dec-14 18:18:07

Consider how you will manage to fit in a nanny job and being a foster carer at the same time. What will you do if you need to go to a meeting with Social Services / Fostering Team? How will things fit around school hours?
There are many nanny jobs that are part-time but relatively few in my opinion which fit within school hours. Many are before/after school, or are long days such as 7am-7pm, 6am-8pm.

As a nanny you are an employee, rare to be self employed. So you get employment rights but you have to do as your employer tells you. Whilst you do get a lot of freedom in many nanny jobs, some parents do micromanage a bit so you need to be prepared for that.
Being an employee does not overly complicate your self assessment tax return (I am assuming that as a foster carer you are self employed... please correct me if I have assumed incorrectly.) as it has a space on it for income from employment. It does mean that your tax-free allowance for income tax is used in your employment first.

What country are you in? In England we now have DBS checks and Ofsted registration of nannies (Ofsted call nannies Home Childcarers). Ofsted registration is optional but many parents are now wanting it, as it means they can use Childcare Vouchers and from Sept2015 will be able to use the new tax-free childcare scheme if their children are under 5 (will include children under 12 by Sept2016 - it is a being phased in over the first year).

Ninnipaula Wed 31-Dec-14 18:56:30

Thank you for your reply you are right in all what you say CRB checks are now DBS checks all are fine I haven't been in touch with ofsted yet to register but will be doing after the new year my 2 foster children are in school the eldest is in high school and does a lot of after school activities if her choice (hockey, football, drama ) the youngest child is also in after school home work clubs (very clever ) and his love of football takes him 2 nights a week to school games I'm not keen on football but my husband never missed a game with him I have a lot of free time in my hands you are right in saying I'm self employed but is all I've ever done is look after children and it's all I love doing

Ninnipaula Wed 31-Dec-14 18:57:01

I live in Cheshire

nannynick Wed 31-Dec-14 20:34:27

DBS with Update Service is one of the things you need for Ofsted registration and is done via the Ofsted DBS application system. You will also need the First Aid course (I expect you are doing something suitable, but maybe check with the provider) and some kind of Common Core course, or something Ofsted accept training wise. Plus then Nanny Insurance.

Look into what demand there is locally for nannies. Sites like and list jobs and can be searched by location/area. Get a feel for the typical ages of the children which parents have who want a nanny for the hours/days you are able to do. I expect it will be parents with babies and toddlers, perhaps with an older child at primary school. Once you have a feel for the local market, adapt your CV to fit (and then customise for each job you apply) so that it clearly shows your experience with the age groups concerned.

Your current foster children sound as though they are quite old and they may be long term fostered by you. So look back to those times when you fostered a baby/toddler. Look back at previous work with babies/toddlers such as whatever you did before fostering. Even look back to your teenage years, did you babysit? Did you help at Brownies/Cubs/any kind of youth group? Did you help at pre-school/nursery, or work at one? The more things you can show that you have done in the past, the more it will help parents feel that you are able to care for their children. The fostering itself is a great experience to have as it's 24/7 and may have been many placements with a variety of ages of children.

Having your husband around to deal with anything your foster children need is useful as that will mean your hours are not so tied to being only within school time. Consider what would happen during school holidays.

Look at other threads on this board about employment rights and things to do with contracts. There are many many pages in this section of Mumsnet, so scroll down and have a look for anything about nannies. Get a feel for what you would be expected to do as a nanny.

It's quiet on Mumsnet this time of year, so stick around and ask questions plus contribute to threads as I am sure your fostering knowledge will be useful to some of us, or just be interesting - what made you decide to foster children?

Ninnipaula Wed 31-Dec-14 22:17:30

Thank you so much for talking me through things about what I have to do it's appreciated have a wonderful new year ��

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