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Does anyone else what have to wait in for parcels?!

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Wishingformorethanone Wed 17-Dec-14 10:45:16

I may be being petty but generally fed up of it!
I'm a nanny and nearly every day for the past few months, mb/db have had parcels delivered. I know with Christmas coming up it's unavoidable however I just find it unacceptable that they expect me to stay in all day waiting for their parcels and get narked if I miss it (even if I'm on the school run).
Fellow nannies - Is this a normal 'nanny duty'?

Wishingformorethanone Wed 17-Dec-14 10:46:23

Clearly having too much of a rant and can't proof read the title!

Cindy34 Wed 17-Dec-14 11:14:54

Given how bad most deliveries are, suggest they use Collect Plus, Click&Collect, then you can pick up parcels once notified that they have actually arrived.

Being at home for things is alas part of the job but it can be inconvenient if it is happening on a regular basis.

eeyore12 Wed 17-Dec-14 11:16:01

Some parents see it as such, I don't mind if something special is expected but general parcels then I go about my normal day and if I miss it they have to rearrange for when they know they will be home. I am dealing with the same at the moment but with handymen/people quoting for new windows. Get told in the morning on the day they are coming when we may already have plans or been asked to do something else (by boss) which I then have to re jig/squeeze in to make sure I am here for them. I only work three days by the way!!

Tapestry12 Wed 17-Dec-14 12:27:53

Luckily with the number of parcels being delivered to family's door at the moment I might or might not be in. I haven't been told to stay till parcel arrived. I might get told delivery time and I will be in for that time but if it doesn't arrive then our day continues. Luckily my family put children first.

OutragedFromLeeds Wed 17-Dec-14 13:16:32

Waiting in for parcels/workmen/the online shop is definitely within a nanny's job, but everyday for months is ridiculous! I would have a word with them.

Greenfizzywater Wed 17-Dec-14 20:54:23

I honestly don't understand the issue. I work - if my employer said to me one day, I don't want you to do (normal job) I'd like you to do (something else) today, as long as I'm capable of it then I would do it. So if the Mum asks you to stay in with the toddler rather than going to the park, until the parcel has arrived, what is the big deal? Not being stroppy, genuinely don't understand and interested to know what the issue is.

apotatoprintinapeartree Wed 17-Dec-14 20:58:09

I find this ridiculous, its not part of your job to manage their home.
You are there to manage the children and part of this is getting them out and about.
I would refuse to do it and tell them its not your job, some people just take the piss.

OutragedFromLeeds Wed 17-Dec-14 21:10:08

Greenfizzy It's been nearly every day for the past few months according to the OP. You wouldn't be even slightly bothered about being stuck in all day with a toddler....for a few months? I don't understand why you can't understand why that's annoying confused

apotato actually it's well within the role of a nanny to wait in for parcels/run errands/deal with workmen etc. Obviously that needs to be within reason i.e. not every day for a few months!

OutragedFromLeeds Wed 17-Dec-14 21:11:45

Loving the difference of opinion between Green and apotato btw grin. From 'I don't understand the issue' to 'tell them to stick it' in one post. That's why mumsnet is great!

Quangle Wed 17-Dec-14 21:14:25

If it was nearly every day for the past few months that will be something like 60 parcels...

Is it really that often?

WiseKneeHair Wed 17-Dec-14 21:15:58

When our Nanny was FT, I would occasionally ask her to stay in for deliveries, especially if it were an important one for whatever reason. Certainly, this time last year, there would have been several occasions.
I do think it is in the jobs remit. As most of the parcels were for the DC, you could argue it was for their benefit anyway.
Howeve, if it is genuinely everyday, then YANBU to be annoyed about it.

nannynick Wed 17-Dec-14 21:19:06

Waiting in for things is part of the job but doing so most days for many weeks seems a bit much.

Have a chat. Say it does cause inconvenience and could parcels be delivered on one particular day, delivered elsewhere/collected.

wewishyou Wed 17-Dec-14 21:26:48

I take parcel almost everyday for my bosses. I don't care as I'm there. I have been asked two or three times in 15 months to stay home just to open the door to some men who came to repair something. It's part of the job.

The only thing that is wrong, is that they are upset at you if yo are not there to get the delivery. That's insane.

Greenfizzywater Wed 17-Dec-14 21:54:05

I suppose I assumed that nearly every day for the past few months is an exaggeration, who can have that many parcels? But yes, I can entertain a toddler in the house or garden if there is one and surely that's part of a nanny's skills? Presumably some of these parcels come in the morning so you can get out in the afternoon.

nannynoss Wed 17-Dec-14 22:02:45

It's frustrating if you have planned a nice day with the children. A lot of the time I will have told the child about tomorrow's plans the day before, so they have something to wake up to iyswim. So it would then be me being the bad guy telling them it isn't happening. A lot of nannies will plan the week in advance.
Luckily my boss just says if she's expecting a parcel, but says 'but don't worry if you're out' - if I come home to a slip I will just collect parcel the next day. I would happily stay in for furniture etc arriving on the occasional day and stay in for food shop.

FlorenceMattell Wed 17-Dec-14 22:15:46

I'm happy to wait for parcels. But wouldn't be if it was every day.
And complaining about missing parcels when on school run is madness.
Why can't the parents have the parcels deliver to their work place?
Those posters saying the nanny should do whatever jobs employer tells her are wrong. As a professional nanny I do childcare and child related household chores. It is stated in my contract. Yes I'm flexible and empty dishwasher in the morning, sort recycling, walk the grandmas dog when he visits. I wouldn't be told to wait in for workmen etc. if I was asked and it was occasionally fair enough. If you treat you nanny with disrespect she will leave.

needtomanup Wed 17-Dec-14 22:32:06

Family I work for have couriers and parcels delivered. If I miss a parcel I can collect when convenient from the local sorting office. Couriers usually call back/phones or leaves with a neighbour (one parent has an office from home but sometimes in court or meetings aswell during the day so not there to sign themselves,). Parents never have a problem if I'm out with the kids.

I've been asked occasionally to stay in for workmen calling but as not a regular thing do not find it irritating.

If on a school run what do they expect you to do? Also seems too regular. How can meet the child's physical and social developmental needs if staying around the house so often?

needtomanup Wed 17-Dec-14 22:34:45

Sorry delivered almost daily - first line should read!

Wishingformorethanone Wed 17-Dec-14 22:48:56

Yes, everyday with the exception of today when I was told to wait in and the 'large parcel' they were expecting didn't arrive.
I suppose it becomes a problem when I have to start cancelling outings, play dates and toddler groups which has a knock on effect on a child's development (especially social skills) and also on a Nanny's wellbeing as it can become a very lonely and isolating job without meeting fellow nannies, cm and parents at groups.
Will definitely be having a discussion with my boss.
Thanks for all the replies smile

OutragedFromLeeds Thu 18-Dec-14 01:32:31

'But yes, I can entertain a toddler in the house or garden if there is one and surely that's part of a nanny's skills?'

I didn't say can you, I said would it not bother you even slightly to be stuck in for weeks on end? That's two different things. I'm sure the OP can entertain the toddler in the house (she has been doing), but she doesn't want to. If you can't understand the difference between these two things then I don't think I can help you understand what the issue is. Everyone else seems to understand ok, so I don't think it's that complex. I guess if you're happy to stay in for weeks on end it wouldn't be a problem for you, but I think most of us like to get out/plan things/see people etc.

HowsTheSerenity Thu 18-Dec-14 01:42:41

How is it the nanny's job to stay in and wait for parcel deliveries? A nanny is there to provide in home child care. If the nanny is home and a parcel arrives then great but if they are not home it is re-delivered or collected later. Unless waiting for deliveries is stated as a set duty then it's a favour and nothing more.

Being stuck indoors with no social or educations activities is detrimental to the child/ren and nanny.

If they want someone to wait for parcels then hire a PA.

OutragedFromLeeds Thu 18-Dec-14 02:02:37

'How is it the nanny's job to stay in and wait for parcel deliveries?'

It just is. It will normally be specified in the contract. Nannies are there to provide childcare, but also to make life easier for working parents. They're not housekeepers, but tasks like picking up the dry cleaning/waiting for a repairman/collecting a parcel/walking the dog etc. are all within the normal remit of a nanny job.

HowsTheSerenity Thu 18-Dec-14 02:14:56

Really? In every single one of my nanny jobs I have never been told it was my job to wait for parcels. My main priority was the children.
Doing the odd extra chore is fine to help out but a professionally trained nanny is there for the children not to act as a PA.

OutragedFromLeeds Thu 18-Dec-14 02:20:45

I don't think I've ever been sat down and told it was my job either, but I just kind of knew it was confused. I'm pretty sure there is something in my contract about 'occasional errands' or something along those lines. I work in an area full of nannies and I've honestly never, ever met one who would consider waiting in for an occasional parcel beyond the scope of normal nanny duties. Waiting in for a parcel doesn't change your 'main priority' btw. All the nannies I know can both wait for a parcel AND concentrate on the children.

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