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Renewing lapsed Ofsted time?

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mrsmatchstick Sat 13-Dec-14 20:46:28

I am interviewing Nanny's again after our previous Nanny left this week with no notice due to her own home issues.

One of the potential interviewee's used to be registered with Ofsted as a nanny but as she has been at a setting for just over a year she hasn't renewed it.

Any idea's how long it would take to renew if she asked them to do it again now? I know when the aforementioned Nanny registered it took forever, but that was from scratch. Would she need to do the course/CRB/etc, again?

Many thanks

wewishyou Sat 13-Dec-14 22:18:46

If it has been just over a year, she might ring them to say she was a bit late with the payment and ask if she can still renew now. I did it and they said yes ;) .

mrsmatchstick Sat 13-Dec-14 22:38:58

Ok great, it might be straight forward then. I think it's been over a year since she left her last nanny position but maybe ofsted will be nice! smile

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