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Still not ofsted registered :(

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secretcbeebsfan Wed 10-Dec-14 18:42:25

I wrote A thread a while back about how stressed out I was with ofsted. I am now 4 and a half months into the process (including from the start with DBS, which took approx 1 month). They are still waiting for the social services check apparently sigh It is really getting me down, I honestly thought it would have been back at the beginning of November but thought well at least it will be back before the end of the year. But it obviously doesn't look promising now! I can't believe how long it is taking especially taking into account the cost of the process. To make things worse, I am moving in January and am worried that is going to slow things even more.

Cindy34 Wed 10-Dec-14 20:53:07

Setup mail redirection via RoyalMail to start on your moving date. Last thing you want is your certificate being sent to your old address. Once you do get it, you can then amend the details Ofsted holds for your home address.

Are you registering as a nanny or childminder?

Social services checks do see to take ages, wonder if they are snowed under at your local authority. Alas no way to chase it other than to keep checking with Ofsted.

secretcbeebsfan Wed 10-Dec-14 20:57:51

Thanks I will do that asap. I am registering as a nanny. I just can't believe how long it is taking. and guessing there will be about 2 weeks off for them over Xmas so more delays again

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