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Boosting DS's Italian. Any ideas?

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Solasum Sun 07-Dec-14 22:15:27

We live in Central London and want DS to be bilingual (English and Italian). He is currently at a nursery 6/10 days, with my (English) mother 2/10, and I would like him to be in an Italian speaking environment for the other 2/10 days.

I am guessing a nanny/CM is the only option, but suspect the hours would be pretty unappealing? And it is probably too much for a babysitter? Apart from, can anyone recommend where it is possible we might find someone suitable? It might suit an older person (surrogate nonni) or NWOC just wanting a few hours maybe? Would also consider an Italian family,but not sure how to find these people? Is there an Italian network in London?

Jinxxx Mon 08-Dec-14 13:27:29

I don't know what the 2/10, 6/10 means. Are you on some sort of shift pattern (including weekends?), or have weeks gone metric in London?

HSMMaCM Mon 08-Dec-14 13:47:04

I assumed it's 10 day rotating shifts, or something.

OP - are you Italian? The best way for a child to be bilingual is to have a parent speaking the other language.

CM will be unlikely to be able to help (even if she's Italian), because she will almost certainly have other mindees and will not be speaking Italian all day.

You might be lucky and find an Italian nanny, who wants to work around shifts 2 days in every 10, but it would be unlikely.

Italian aupair (depending on the age of your child)?

Solasum Tue 09-Dec-14 23:53:34

Sorry, blush /10 seemed like the easiest way to describe it. Basically he is in nursery 3 days every week, then two days every second week he is with my mum, leaving two days every other week I would like him to be in an Italian environment. It made sense in my head.

His dad does speak only Italian to him. But, he doesn't live with us, or see DS very much, and while I am trying to help counteract this with books, CDs etc at home, and Skype with the grandparents in Italy, I think if DS is to be properly bilingual he really needs some intense italian as well. His Italian family would be very upset if he couldn't speak to them properly in due course. He is one. I would definitely consider an au pair in due course, but at the moment he is too young, and we don't have the space.

OhReallyDear Wed 10-Dec-14 01:49:02

Isn't there a bilingual nursery Italian/English? It depends where you live but I am sure there are some in London

You could try to find a Italian Nanny, maybe a nanny who works with a family who might be happy to have a child two day every two weeks to pay a little bit less

You could ask on that group

Or Maybe take him off the nursery one day a week (or two?) and offer a position with one week 3 or 4 days and one week 1 or 2 days. That might be more appealing

Victoria2002 Wed 10-Dec-14 15:08:05

There is an Italian/English nursery and school in Holland Park (SIAL), there used to be an Italian/English pre-school in Notting Hill called Primi-Passi but I heard it closed down. The Italian school has after-school clubs that kids from outside the school can join.

yumcha888 Tue 06-Jan-15 20:42:07

Whereabouts do you live? And how old is your LO? We're in Holland Park (moved there to be near the Italian school) and we have a nearly 4yo DS and a 16mo DS. Our nanny is just with the 16mo on Thursdays and we'd consider sharing on an irregular basis if you would like?

We are a trilingual household (Chinese, Italian, English) and DS1 speaks all 3 well but I'm telling you now - get in as early as possible and get an Italian carer as early as possible! There are loads of Italian nannies available - we found ours via the embassy or I could speak to our nanny if you wanted someone tried and tested on a fortnightly basis.

yumcha888 Tue 06-Jan-15 20:45:59

Oh, also this link might be useful:

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