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Childminder numbers and EYFS

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Whatsthewhat Fri 28-Nov-14 14:32:51

Hi can anyone tell me what's the end of the EYFS? Is it the sept after 5th birthday?

And after the child finishes the EYFS what paperwork do you need apart from the basic personal details and usual policies etc. do you need to do learning journals for school age children? Thanks lots

HSMMaCM Fri 28-Nov-14 21:27:29

Can't remember when EYFS finishes. It's either the term after they're 5 or the end of reception. However ... The setting where they spend the most time does the learning journey, so you can drop the school as email to say if they've done something special.

Lucylouby Sun 30-Nov-14 20:22:19

I thought it was the end of reception. But, for child minder ratios, once a child is in full time school, they move into the school age bracket. So you could have another baby to fill the day place.
Once they finish reception you only need contact details, permission slips, etc, but no learning journeys.
When the eyfs first came out we were told we still needed learning journals for reception children and my ofsted inspector was quit harsh that I didn't have one for a child I cmd 3 hours a week, over two days (there wasn't enough time to do anything at all with him). I've since learnt that none of the after school clubs (there are three who do pick ups) ask for info from the school about reception children. I'm the only cm who picks up there and the only one who has tried to communicate. We keep being told by our cm quality assurance lady that we must be asking for information and acting on what we are told (ie, this week they are doing counting, I should be extending this after school).

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