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Live in/Live outMothers help needed in sw17

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kkbalghari Thu 27-Nov-14 08:53:04

Hello everyone.I am new to mumsnet...
We are a doctor couple.Husband going to ireland for his job.Need a mothers help for housekeeping and pick and drop and care of my two girls,7 and 6 while i am at work.
looking for some one experienced and reliable.Also need someone flexible as i need to do nights once a week.

Purplepumpkins Thu 27-Nov-14 09:44:39

Hi, so a mothers help is generally a inexperienced but qualified nanny. They don't usually get sole charge of the children. And they are not housekeepers. They are just new Nannys. Most nannys/ mothers help do nursery/xhild related dutys only. Ie childrens cooking, laundry keeping rooms cleans and tidy.

Sounds to me you need an nanny/housekeeper. A more experienced nanny who is happy to do household chores In the day. Also remember in school holidays they may not have time to clean.

Yerazig Thu 27-Nov-14 10:01:26

As above what you are looking for is a nanny-housekeeper which obviously comes with a price. Mother helps are usually au pairs who want to stay in childcare but have a few years experience being an au pair. Or a newly qualified nursery nurse. A mothers help is what is in the name a general help around the house along side the parent. So may do after school pick up and work along side you for the afternoon period or do light cleaning I.e emptying the dishwasher cleansing up after lunch time not the cleaning that a proper cleaner would do.

Yerazig Thu 27-Nov-14 10:02:48

Whoops ment cleaning up after lunch.

DramaAlpaca Thu 27-Nov-14 10:05:14

If this is a job advertisement you need to get MNHQ to put it in the Jobs topic, and I think you have to pay a fee.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Nov-14 11:49:12

Hi there kkbalghari,

Your best bet for finding local childcare is to take a look at your Mumsnet Local site, where lots of childcarers who are local to you will be advertising. You can also start a thread on the Local forum with your request - you'll get responses from people in your area then.

Looks as though your Local site would be Wandsworth, and you can see the current childcare advertisements here.

Hope that helps

Best wishes

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