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Dbs check for a nanny

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Imsosorryalan Thu 20-Nov-14 20:29:48

I need to have one done but after visiting the dbs site, it says I have to use an umbrella company to get one done. I contacted a few but none are close to me. All either need me to register her with them, which I don't need to do or for her to travel to them to check her ID paperwork! Can't i do it via post? How did you do your checks..

eeyore12 Thu 20-Nov-14 22:04:03

Do you need to be ofsted registered. If so go to their website and they will give you the password for you to apply for it yourself, you fill in the form on line, get your id checked by someone from a list of professions and it will be done for you. Then you can apply for your ofsted registration. Don't forget to register for the tracking service within 19 days or it won't be valid for the ofsted registration when you do that. Either straight away or when you find a family that need you to be registered.

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