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Fuuuuuuuuking Ofsted

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Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 19-Nov-14 17:21:29

So returning to childminding. Already have a current DBS but obviously need a new one. Both me and dh recive them in October. Mum is ill so things in hold till yesterday. So process final Ofsted application.

Phone call today. I apparently forgot to tick the box to day I want the monitoring service on it or whatever it's bloody called and as the 19 days are up we both have to have new ones . They are a month old.

Feel like crying. Do many bloody unregistered ones around here and you try to go by the book and it's hassle after hassle.

I am going up complain/beg.

What are my chances?

LuckyLopez Wed 19-Nov-14 17:49:05

Not good I'm afraid. The whole point of it is to sign up to continuous updates so you DBS becomes transferable and current at all times unlike the crb.

Complain by means, you should because they need to make it more obvious when people do them, but I think you'll still have to do it again. Sorry!

Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 19-Nov-14 18:07:18

I know but thought it was done automatically. I mean why wouldn't it be. Already had a current crb form when applied so if I have to apply again that's 3 DBS forms in less than a year.

How is that anything to do with protecting children. It's ridiculous.

I al going to complain and send a copy to my MP and the DBS head officer.

Can but try.

LuckyLopez Wed 19-Nov-14 19:11:24

It is ridiculous. Good luck.

HSMMaCM Wed 19-Nov-14 19:25:09

Because ... That tick makes all the difference to whether or not you are safe to work with children doncha know grin. Sorry, that's a grin of irony.

Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 19-Nov-14 21:03:30

Yep exactly well have complained to them and copied to my MP. It's ridiculous. I have 2 valid DBS checks that they are refusing to acknowledge.

Sometimes you wonder why you bother to stick to the rules.

nannynick Wed 19-Nov-14 21:08:46

They changed the process in September, so if you started the process before then, maybe you will have a good case. Document is dated Aug 2014 - Guide to Registration
It does not say about ticking a box. It does say about registering for the update service within 19 days.

Worth complaining to DBS about the 19 day restriction, why can't they add it at any future time? Why 19 days, why 20, 40, 60, 100?
I think though it used to be even less days, so 19 is an improvement on what it used to be.

From September 2015, we get a Provider ID (think we have to register for it). It won't be linked though to Ofsted's systems, it will be for Tax-Free Childcare purposes. So yet another system to register on, to jump through the hoops, when they could simply just use everyone's national insurance number to link everything together! <rant rant>

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 19-Nov-14 21:16:42

It is silly that you only have a few weeks to join the service

Can you not have this years and renew next year and then tick
Box and pay £13 following year

Or have I missed something ?

Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 19-Nov-14 22:11:07

Thanks nick that's interesting and will look. Really helpful and yes blonds totally agree.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 19-Nov-14 22:21:16

One of the agencies (tinies) I do night work through paid for my dbs as do such baby work via them - but they didn't tell me to register for the seevice

It was my local agency who I am friends with mentioned it and I literally did it with one day to spare

Why aren't childcare providers told? hmm

Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 19-Nov-14 23:00:10

Exactly I feel like I wasn't told. Obviously know I should have probably seen it but why don't they just sign you up anyway to the process as a cm? Why should you need to tick the box.

Jinxxx Wed 19-Nov-14 23:39:29

My certificate didn't come. I phoned to say I hadn't had it. They said they would print and send another, but they only do that on Thursdays apparently, so a few days delay. By the time I got it, it was already too late to register for the update service - which goes by the original issue date even if they fail to send it out/it gets lost in the post/whatever. I phoned the day I received it and they said tough, basically, you will have to start again.

Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 19-Nov-14 23:50:49

That's bloody disgusting jinxxx you must be livid? If they had to scgudkky run a business instead of pissing away tax payers money they would be collapse. Not fit for purpose.

rm00054 Thu 20-Nov-14 07:53:22

IIRC you get a temporary ID number when you send your form back and you can apply for the update service using that without having to wait to receive the actual certificate.
I agree, the time limit should be longer (19 days is an odd number!) but think the main problem is that it's not been more widely publicized. So many people don't know about it even though it's been going over a year!

Thebodynowchillingsothere Thu 20-Nov-14 08:54:59

Yes I mean I seriously did not see that information.

What really pisses me right off is that at the school playground there are 2 unregistered childminders. I know they are because they told me. Ofsted are making it so difficult that the amount of unregistered care will increase and how the hell does that help child protection.angry

Cindy34 Thu 20-Nov-14 13:23:17

Useful to know that the temporary ID can be used to register for the update service. That makes sense. Maybe the online system will have a simple option for adding update or defaulting to include it with an opt out, so that it all gets done and paid for at the same time.

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