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Finding a babysitter

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Siarie Tue 18-Nov-14 16:15:53

Me and DH are expecting next year, we don't have any family at all nearby so need to find a good babysitting service. This really is for when we want a night out, or that sort of thing.

We live in London zone 2 at the moment, can anyone recommend where to start? It's really important that we find someone who we can trust, or a we'll run company who vets their employees and has a good record.

Siarie Tue 18-Nov-14 16:16:19


rosiecg Tue 18-Nov-14 16:20:58

I am with Sitters, who are a national company that provide qualified, experienced babysitters. I had to go through a very thorough application and checking process before I could start. It's reasonable rates for you and the babysitter.

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