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dbs check & ofsted visit

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Tholeonagain Tue 18-Nov-14 14:16:57


I'm hoping to start doing a little bit of part time childminding alongside looking after my 3 year old daughter, perhaps just one other pre-schooler for part of the week. I'm getting a bit bogged down in the paper work though...

I've done the ChIP & first aid courses & my policies have been approved. I've printed out a health declaration booklet from the Ofsted website & will fill this in and bring to my GP. I understand that I & my husband also need to be dbs checked, but when I clicked on the Ofsted link to this it said I shouldn't start unless I already had a number from previous correspondence? Can anyone kind tell me how they organised their dbs check & how much it cost & how long it took?

After this I understand I fill in the online Ofsted application form to be registered as a childminder & then await a visit date. Can anyone let me know what the likely timescale is for this & also what they will be looking for on the visit?

thank you!

nannynick Tue 18-Nov-14 14:39:33

I thought you had to get DBS (with update service) before doing the Ofsted registering now.

By number from correspondence I think they mean the code to use. Have a look in the guide to registration on the childcare register document. There is also a document especially about DBS checks. Both those document contain the code needed I think.

nannynick Tue 18-Nov-14 14:40:10

Tholeonagain Wed 19-Nov-14 14:08:12

thank you so much. Any advice anyone has about the initial Ofsted visit would be really appreciated, too.

jendot2 Wed 19-Nov-14 17:09:00

Get you DBS checks in now! We have been waiting over 7 weeks for them to come back. As soon as you get our DBS checks you need to register for the update service. Once you have your DBS you can submit your Ofsted application. Anyone over 16 living at home also needs to do a form from their government gateway account. Then you need to get your health declaration done and sent off. Ofsted will check your forms and references and then come or a pre registration visit (there s a great booklet you can print off that you can fill in). Then your application is approved and your form posted.
Be warned it is NOT fast!

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