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Help with pre-school drop off

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ARobinson78 Mon 17-Nov-14 19:13:51

My DH and I are going to need help with doing the drop-off at pre-school from September 2015 as we both commute into London and need to leave early. We would need help from 7am until 8.30 I guess as the pre-school has an 8 am opening. It's not many hours a week, so I'm not sure who'd be interested in helping. I have 2 children(2.5 and just 4 next September), and I'm a teacher so this would just be term time. does anyone have any idea what we could do? Combine it with someone to do our cleaning/ironing as well to increase the hours? But where would I advertise? We're in the Guildford area.

FlorenceMattell Mon 17-Nov-14 20:45:24

Childcare student might if they could then get to college on time.
Would need to be someone very local or travel costs will wipe earnings out.
So advertise locally. Local Facebook page. School mums Facebook page.
You will find it hard I think if you just advertise on childcare sites.

jendot2 Tue 18-Nov-14 08:29:43

How about a cm.... Could he be dropped at preschool a little bit later so the cm could drop him off while doing school run?

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