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Childminder-Assistant required East Barnet,London EN4 area!!!!!!

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amarhbabychild Mon 17-Nov-14 18:56:24

Can anyone tell me where to look for a child-minder assistant. According to Ofsted they have have first aid certificate and the DBS check has to be enhanced for home-base setting. I need an assistant that can work at the moment for 2 hours per day. The hours are likely to increase in the new year

jendot2 Tue 18-Nov-14 08:32:42

You would often find the assistant and then sign them up for 1st aid and DBS, try local parents pages like net mums (not sure I am allowed to say that here) if the hours are during school as may attract a local mum.
Card in local shop window?
Local facebook pages?
Word of mouth?

amarhbabychild Tue 18-Nov-14 09:29:56

Morning Jen- thanks for the advise- will do

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