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katymason01 Wed 12-Nov-14 15:07:36


I have just started my first job as a NWOC and im the long term I would like another baby so think it would be more beneficial for me to become a childminder, I may start the process soon (courses etc) and then I can start whenever really (maybe even with same family)

I am on voluntary Ofsted register, have DBS, Pead First Aid, Public Liabilty and Car Business use insurance, I have done a few online courses like CCOH, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, EYFS, Managing Behaviour etc through Pacey, Tiger Lily nanny agency.

I know I need to register on the early years Compulsory part of Ofsted but can I be registered on both?
I know I will need to change home insurance to cover business use.

What courses will I need to do to meet Ofsted requirements?

How do I go about becoming self employed, do you do all your accounts yourself or pay someone to do them annually?

Anything else I need to know, be aware of?

Any help would be great

(also I live in a housing association house but hoping to buy a house soon so we can have separate living/ play room etc)


bellbottomedtear Wed 12-Nov-14 20:16:07

You need to contact your local council early years team and they can talk you through it. I had to do a course through them although I had my level 3 in childcare from college

nannynick Wed 12-Nov-14 22:28:43

You can be a registered childminder and a Home Childcarer at the same time but you may find you need two sets of liability insurance as the providers of that have different policies for the different types of provision.

Your local authority would be the place to start with regard to finding out what training you need to do to become a childminder. In some areas there are particular courses run by the local authority, in other areas you can do something more general like CYPOP5.

Info about Childminders National Insurance and Accounts 2012/13 - this is worth a read, it's a bit out of date but covers the things you need to know about doing accounts. You can find the latest information about registering for self assessment on the HMRC website. They also have Webinars which are worth doing.
Here is one video that is worth a watch:

If you are renting you need to inform your landlord that you want to childmind from the property. Some may not permit it due to insurance. So have a look through message threads on here about that.

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