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Term time only, pay in school hols?

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TellmetogetonwithmyWork Tue 11-Nov-14 21:37:23

I don't want to discuss with CM until I know if I am being completely stupid or not.

We have a CM for after school, we don't need any school holiday care, this is great all round as CM minds another child who needs no after school care but needs holiday care.

We got charged for half term, and I don't know if this is a mistake. I checked the contract and it just states the days of the week and hours, no mention of term-time only.

I didn't ask about paying for school hols as I thought it was obvious we wouldn't pay for it.

Anyone know if charging for half term likely to be an error or is this normal? Looks like contractually it is correct though?

HSMMaCM Tue 11-Nov-14 21:42:05

I was going to say it depends on your contract, then I saw yours doesn't specify term time only. Have a chat with your cm and ask if the contract can be amended. Be prepared for her to say no though. If she says no, you can assume it's ok to use her in the holidays, so ask that as well, as the contract doesn't seem to say she's not available in the holidays.

Lindy2 Tue 11-Nov-14 21:46:31

Each childminder sets their own terms and pay structure. I'm surprised that holiday fees weren't specifically pointed out as you need term time care only. Does anything in your contact mention just term time?
I am a childminder and for term time care I don't charge during the normal school holidays. I do know some that do charge to keep that place open or charge a lower retainer fee. You need to have a chat with her about it.

Cullercoats88 Tue 11-Nov-14 23:38:15

Yes just wanted to mirror what others have said, you need to just clarify with CM. It could well be a mistake, however it could also be her way of ensuring your place is kept open all yr round. I have term time only children, I don't charge for holidays, but I do charge a higher hourly rate to cover costs and losses. I think you have to be prepared to be charged in someway, otherwise it isn't financially worth it to keep your child on. Does that make sense?

Lucylouby Wed 12-Nov-14 14:48:33

My school age mindee is on a term time contract, so only pays for term time, but has the option to have a place in the holidays and pay extra. Tbh, half term was a nightmare, so many children (my own plus normal little ones) that I'm glad I have given them the financial incentive not to come. (If I was charging anyway, obviously they would use the place), so I've made my contract to give them the option to go elsewhere/use family etc. my contract is very clear about this though.
Speak to your cm and see what she says. If you don't agree with what she says, ask to renegotiate.

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